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Looking For Specific Old Calligraphy Book


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Hi all,


My nan gave me her old calligraphy book when I was in my teens, but it wandered off when I was living in a houseshare a few years ago.


It was excellent - very clear and simply laid out, with a "poster script" I've not seen since, so would like to try and find a copy.


My Googlings & searching of Abe Books & Amazon have so far come to naught, so I turn to you all!


It was slightly smaller than A4, paperback, and only about 32 pages (ish). The cover was very plain, a dark greyish colour, with just the title & publisher. I think it was published by Pitman. It could have been from any time between the late 1920s - mid 1950s.


I don't remember the title, which is my main problem!


The poster script was described as being designed to be written swiftly, with most letters being made of a maximum of 2 strokes. Visually it looked like an adaptation of foundational.


Does this ring any bells at all?!

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I might have found it!


Pen Lettering for Beginners by Maurice G Down.


I've ordered a copy from Abe Books & have my fingers crossed :D


Was it the one? I have a few ancient, OOP calligraphy ebooks I could look through.

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