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Help Needed: Edison With 1,5 Stub Or 1,1 Custom Grind Ci?


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Hello everybody!


I'm planing to buy a double ended pearl from Edison, one nib is going to be a full flex from Richard Binder and the second one is a problem ...


I know for sure, that I want a nib with line variation, but which one? For comparison I have only my Lamy nibs in 1,1 (which is just not broad enough for me and doesn't give the line variation I'd like), the 1,5 (which I like) and the 1,9 (which is my favorite).


As far as I read, most compare the Lamy nibs to stubs, right? So I'd be intrigued to have a cursive italic for comparison. But that would leave me with 1,1 which sounds small. 1,5 sound better, but that would be a stub again ...


Can anyone compare the line variations given by these two nibs? Which one gives more variation? Cause in the end that's more important to me (at least I think so) than the broadness.


Thanks for the input,


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Bump :)


No one out there so fortunate to have both to compare? Already googled a lot but haven't come to any conclusion yet.

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Franklin Christoph uses the same nibs as Edison, Jowo. I've got the F-C 1.1 and a broad CI ground by Masuyama. I would go with the Masuyama nib between the two I have. It lays down a .8 to .9 line, depending on which ink I'm using. The Masuyama has more line variation than the 1.1. The 1.1 and 1.5 don't have any tipping material. I don't have a Lamy 1.1 to compare with.


But it sounds like you're looking for wider than what I'm describing. If you're talking steel nibs they aren't that expensive. Buy the 1.1 and 1.5 and give them a try. :) They easily screw in an out of the pens.



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Thank you, Kent :)


Yeah, right now I'm a bit more for the 1.5 just because it's wider.


Getting both would be an option, too. Will have to calculate, if my budget can be streched so far (cause I really don't know how it could happen, that I bought an Parker vacumatic in the bay ... they are just so pretty).


Well, perhaps someone else can give an insight, too.

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The tip of these nibs are sharp like a CI, but the corners are rounded to give a smoother experience, and thus, you have a slight loss of line variation compared to the true CI. I think you will be pleased with the 1.5 because it does give a nice amount of variation, and there is no additional cost. If you later felt like you wanted a different nib, the same nibs are available for $15 without the feed and collar assemblies from Goulet or Anderson. You can get a 1.1, or a broad to be reground, but you will have a nib marked with the logo of these retailers.

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