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[Weekly] 03/18/15 - 03/25/15 Handwriting Practice


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Hello, everyone!


I would love to start a weekly handwriting practice on here. Every week, I'll post one or two poems, excerpts, or other interesting things (hopefully) for you guys to copy in your favorite handwriting, or a handwriting you're trying to improve!


The only rule that I have is that if you'd like to be critiqued, please indicate it in your post, otherwise, only positive comments will be allowed.

Please refrain from offering constructive criticism if the poster does not indicate that it is wanted!

This rule is in place in order to provide a safe place for people to post their writing samples, without any fear or anxiety!


Other than that, you may choose to copy one, or both of the samples if you so desire. Whatever style you prefer is allowed here, whether it is print or cursive, or some symbolic language you made up for private journaling :P !


Please, participate and have fun!


P.S. This is not an original idea. I found it on a handwriting forum and thought it would be fun to start one here on FPN. :)


This week's sample:


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I want all the things x_x

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Freehand, green line was done first, with the most care, with my fave pen. I've been cleaning my house so bit wobblier than usual due to tired hand muscles. Interesting - I've allowed a curvature to creep into my writing so need to straighten up the entries and exits of each letter. The paper is blue.


Noodler's Konrad Acrylics (normal+Da Luz custom flex) ~ Lamy AL-Stars/Vista F/M/1.1 ~ Handmade Barry Roberts Dayacom M ~ Waterman 32 1/2, F semi-flex nib ~ Conklin crescent, EF super-flex ~ Aikin Lambert dip pen EEF super-flex ~ Aikin Lambert dip pen semi-flex M ~ Jinhao X450s ~ Pilot Custom Heritage 912 Posting Nib ~ Sailor 1911 Profit 21k Rhodium F. Favourite inks: Iroshizuku blends, Noodler's CMYK blends.

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I LOVE your capital Bs. I also like how thin your "f"s and "l"s are. Your capital Q is stunning.

I struggle with all of the above. T_T


Thank you for posting! :)



I want all the things x_x

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