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Ink Flow And Scratchiness(No Disassembly Needed)

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I'm new to FPN, but I've used fountain pens for a long time now and I'm prepared to help others. First lets get ink flow adjusted.[NOTE THAT THESE ACTIONS WILL MOST LIKELY VOID THE WARRANTY OF YOUR PEN. I REFUSE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE BRAKING/ INEFFECTIVENESS OF YOUR PEN. YOU FOLLOW MY ADVICE AT YOUR OWN RISK]


You probably want to detach the nib if you can, as it is less likely to break if you do. Wash it and place it on a hard surface that is covered with a cloth or tissues. Place it wih the nib facing upwards and press down with your index finger until it splits down the middle(not breaking but split down the line that splits the tines). Hold for ten seconds then attach back to the feed. Rinse and repeat until satisfactory.


Next, the scratchiness. The main cause for scratchiness is misalignment. If you modified the ink flow, the alignment may be slightly off. Take off the nib and wash it(again). Then, grip the shoulders of the nib and look at it so that you see the tip of the nib. Push one of the times up or down until fully aligned.


With a non detachable nib, you can do the alignment with the same method. But for the ink flow press the nib against paper so it splits in the same fashion. Hold for ten seconds and rinse and repeat until satisfactory. Again, you may need to realign the tines.


Thanks for reading!

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I don't agree with the need of removing the nib, nor with how you do that! More advice can be found here, the result of 40 years of collecting and working on fountain pens:



This is a way that is quick and easy to do. I have been doing this to countless pens and they work better than any way that others show in my opinion. I have helped others (friends, family etc.) and they say it improves the performance a lot. I bought a Parker Reflex and the scratchiness and dryness was unbelievable. After doing my method, it worked. Though you may be correct, the method I have shown has equal potential to the one in the link. I agree it may not be the most effective, but it is sufficient.
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I don't recommend this ink flow adjustment procedure.



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