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Heart's Oblivion Mix (P1)


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After I got a new Pink ink (Diamine Hope Pink if anyone cares), I decided I can do a lot of mixing with my new "Magenta" substitute. Since I thought I could make many interesting colors, I decided to start a "line" of inks, running around the theme of "Hearts." It was sorta a personal choice of the theme, but the next few ink mixes will be from this "line." These inks will all be made from normal, and easily obtainable inks. This excludes BlackStone, KWZI, and Akkerman inks. I will be sticking to the regulars, like Parker, PR, Diamine, and Noodler's.


This ink is called Heart's Oblivion and is the first ink in this series. It has an internal organization code of P1 for Purple Mix #1 Batch #1.  Note that the water in the formula is optional. The pictures are of the ink WITH water. 


The formula for the ink is as follows. 


3mL Diamine Hope Pink

13 Drops Parker Quink Black

7 Drops distilled water (Optional to make rapid dry. Will cause spread. Does not change color. The pictures are of the ink with water.)


Here are pictures of the ink, following my normal review pattern, minus commentary. Please comment on how you like it!


The pictures were taken with an iPhone 6, back camera, in artificial lighting. Effort has been made to show the true color, but your milage may vary depending on your monitor. If you would like to see all my ink images, you are free to go to http://files.goviralforyou.com/Inks/Reviews 



























Check out my blog at Inks and Pens

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Definitely purple, a very nice purple. Well done! It's a shame to ruin your Hope Pink like that, though ;)

Thanks! I actually committed to an 80mL bottle on the spot, so I got a whole lot more pink where that came from!



Check out my blog at Inks and Pens

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