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Ink Review: Organics Studio Blue Crab


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This is a mostly hand written review of Organics Studio Blue Crab ink. It was a Baltimore Pen Show special, and the leftovers were sold off by various retailers. Thus, I was able to purchase a bottle.


In the artificial light here at home the color looks amazingly close to the Thistle T2 with 1/3rd more water added. It is not as shady as that ink, nor as wet, but it can appear very close. In natural light I think the Thistle is more to the green side (but that's based on memory). The ink is reasonably water resistant once dry on inkjet paper.


I did not do a chromatic test of the ink while it was inked in a pen. So I don't have that.


The ink is a bit on the drier side from what I love, so that's kind of my only quibble.


Anderson Pens website lists OS Blue Crab in 55ml and 4oz bottles in stock as of the date of this writing. I have no affiliation with any company listed here.







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Thanks. It definitely has some good qualities. But it was rare before, and now only a few bottles left floating on the internet.

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Morbus Curiositas

Must find a way to buy this stuff


Very nice blue.... thanks for the review

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I think there is one feature missing: the remarkable CHALKY final appearance when dried on paper.

If you like that "earthly" texture on other inks, this is a must for you!


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