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Scriptorium Pens Custom Made Bard In Royal Society Lava Lamp 75 Alumilite


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Well, it is that time once again, another fine instrument just added to the collection. This time, a 100% custom pen hand made by Renee at Scriptorium pens. Yes, I am name-dropping as I am an incredibly happy customer and there is a bit of history with this pen. Still interested? Please read on. Pics at the end courtesy of Scriptorium Pens. My own pen photography is not this good.


A little background history:

My partner and I have to work great distances apart, myself in the middle of England, my partner in Scotland, thats about 300 miles distance, which means, for the first half of this year at least, we will not see too much of each other. So, in the wee dark hours, I hatched an idea to get my partner (Linda) something really special. At that point I started trawling thru FPN and fell across some pens made by "Scriptorium Pens", in actuality, a wonderful Lady called Renee (sorry can't get the accent on the letter e).


After a LONG trawl thru various designs available, clip/nib combinations then finally choice of material I took the plunge. Here is how it happened.


First contact:

Email to Scriptorium pens with a rough intention, pen model, materials etc etc. Long wait? Nah, SAME DAY, complete with price breakdown, postage and payment method, all clear, nothing hidden. Too easy. Ok, curved ball time. As the pen was for Linda I had to try and work out what size. Yep, every single bit of the pen custom, including the size. Email time.


Second contact:

A quick email exchange re size and a query about bracketing (black ends). Almost immediate answers (does this lady not sleep)? This is too easy.


How does the work commence?

Easy. Spec sent, payment made, the pen goes into a work Q and an estimate is given on timescale (which as it turned out was accurate to about a day).


What happens while waiting:

Most suppliers (won't name them) this is where there is total silence. Not here. Scriptorium has an instagram site. All pens under manufacture are photographed during the process. I got an email to say it was due up next on the lathe, time to watch it grow. One gets to watch the pen grow from a rough block of something that looks like a rough rock develop and bloom into 3 dimensional art. This process is just truly unique and amazing.


Once done:

Photos are taken and an email sent which is what I would best describe as a sign off, am I happy with the work? Wow. You betcha. Blown away already.



Wrapped up securely and full postage tracking from the U.S. to the U.K. I was able to track it's every single movement. On arrival, it went straight into my overnight bag for my trip to Scotland.


Wow factor:

First we had to break the custom seals. Then ease the box open. Very secure. Inside, bubble wrap, enough to survive a 30 foot drop. Inside that, a tough flexible pen transport case. Inside that a velveteen pouch with a drawstring. Nearly there.... Nothing is going to get damaged in this packaging, nothing. And then the pen. Oh wow. Stunned.


First impressions:

It is a light pen. It reminds one of the Conway Stewart Churchill/Model 100 in weight, but much better quality. Sorry CS fans, I have 2 of my own, Linda has 3 and this is better quality. Remember this pen is HAND MADE and custom right to the n'th degree. Quality control is everything and I cannot find a single fault or niggle end to end. Even the finish doesn't have any microscopic polish/cleaning marks it is just awesome. Some serious magic has been worked here.



The Bard utilises an almost identical profile to the CS Belliver which I like, but has a bit of extra girth and is a lot more balanced.


The pen in the hand:

Is worth two in the bush. (oh that is soo bad)



I won't divulge in case I break any forum rules, sorry. The Scriptorium site does however give a reasonable indication and once a spec has been made, a quick email and one gets a full quote. I like that method, no hidden extras and no guessing. Consider, I have had a pen made, to my detailed spec, using the materials of my choice, with solid silver trimmings, nib of choice, and been allowed to watch it being made from the other side of the Atlantic.


How does it write:

First time every time. Loaded the pen up with Waterman Tender Purple and away it went. Linda had the first scribe and it just flowed beautifully from her hand. 1.5 Stub nib and it just did the business. Nice. Sorry no writing samples, the pen is now 300 miles away from my sticky mitts.


Name That pen:

Bard. But we have renamed it to Purple Passion. Filled with Waterman Tender Purple.


And finally:

To the pen pics, but before we go there, I just want to mention that this is not about a pen. It is about a complete and total end to end experience. Anyone can set up shop and sell pens. To work with a customer from design right up until postage at this level of detail is customer service at it's highest point. I know, I have worked in customer service for many many years.


Thanks for reading, and a big big shout out to Renee at Scriptorium pens for making our unique piece of 3 dimensional art. Thank you, very very much.


I have added a link to the site below in case anyone fancies taking that leap...













Never try and teach a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig

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Sure sounds like she made the process painless! Very nice looking pen.

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It is painless indeed. I never imagined how simple it would be. The hardest part is making up your mind what you actually want, not the process. Linda loves it to bits.



Never try and teach a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig

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Thanks for the review. It is good to promote the work of members here, and Renée really is great, especially with communication.

If you want less blah, blah, blah and more pictures, follow me on Instagram!

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I took the leap and have a wonderful pen from Renee. I would l say ditto to everything Diver said. A great pen and great quality,plus you can create your own pen to your own specifications and Renee has so many options. Another very satisfied customer here....thinking of ordering another.

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Report just in from up north. Five days in and still running as instrument of choice. Other pens at the ready are Pelikan cream/tortoise shell, Faber Castell and a Conway Stewart 58. I do suspect the 58 is getting some use sneaked in as it is a very nice writer indeed.


All the same, the new addition is fully employed and not sitting in a drawer to be extracted at a show-and-tell. Some people collect just to admire the workmanship, I am fine with that, people get their pleasure from art in many ways. We just like to open the box, load with ink and get the little fellas aquainted with some paper.



Never try and teach a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig

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Thank you! I had it made as a present and watching it made from the raw material was a real experience. It works flawlessley with Waterman Tender Purple.



Never try and teach a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig

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