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Question On Ebay Purchase


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I am a new member and wish to seek others' opinion on my recent eBay purchases.


There is a member 'Botujaqe' from Thailand since November, 2013 with 41 feedbacks. He has been selling low value item like fridge magnet and motorcycle jackets $30 or less. Two days ago, he listed around 20 pens ranging from Parker Duofold Senior 125th Anniversary, Parker CP51, Pelikan M710, Montblanc Ramses, Montblanc Coral, Agatha Christie Sterling and Vermeil, and A few Montblanc stainless steel variants and others. The bid was only for 24 hours and winning bids ranging from $150 to $750.


I won a few items and was about to make payment. I sent an inquiry about combined shipping and if the seller will ship with tracked & registered service. No response after 2-3 inquiries and the only reply i receive 'Invoice sent, Thank'. This raises a few alarms to me. I have not paid for the bids and would like to seek an advise from the forum.


Here are some alarms:

1) Flash sale > 20 high value items with 24 hours period

2) Only 43 feedbacks with 3 are negatives

3) Just over a year eBayer

4) Never sold high value item more than $30

5) Did not respond to questions

6) Price seems to be a quarter of market price


Some items offered:


2. Parker Duofold CP5 Fountain Pen LIMITED EDITION NEW $555




Old listing:

1. Various magnet fridge at $2.99/each

2. Suzuki sport jacket at $29.99/each


Complete List


How would you view this? Is there a way to ascertain the seller intention before paying? Should I request the bid to be cancelled?

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Of course, cancel. You don't feel good about this buy, why are you risking your money? If it seems too good to be true, it probably isn't.


From a person's actions, we may infer attitudes, beliefs, --- and values. We do not know these characteristics outright. The human dichotomies of trust and distrust, honor and duplicity, love and hate --- all depend on internal states we cannot directly experience. Isn't this what adds zest to our life?

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It certainly is bizarre, but if you are paying via Paypal you should be protected in case it is a fraud. You only have one hour from the end of the bidding to cancel, so if you have not cancelled already, you are going to have to work with the seller.

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That's full of red flags that would drive me away. I would do anything I could to at the least give myself an out in case it was a scam if I couldn't get out of the purchases completely. If you can cancel, I would do so.


Alternatively, he may be honest and you may have gotten a good deal. It's a slim chance I think but it is a chance.

Here to help when I know, learn when I don't, and pass on the information to anyone I can :)

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It is not a legit deal. You'll never see those pens. You can complete the transaction and when the pens don't come you open a case and eBay will issue you a full refund without question. The buyer protection on eBay is very strong. I avoid deals like this because it does waste precious time.

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You might need to inform Ebay about your concerns because (and I may be wrong) once you bid on something I believe you have entered into a contract and you are legally obliged to pay, My friend got banned for non payment in similar circumstances. Then again there is always the possibility that the seller can't read English, I know I couldn't reply to an inquiry in Thai....just a thought.

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As above, but there is a slim possibility that the seller does not speak english and therefore may not respond to messages, and the sale of small items may have been to garner some feedback before selling bigger items. It is a little fishy though. No harm in contacting ebay with your concerns before you make any kind of payment.

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When you finished as the highest bidder, you became under contract to buy these items.

Do you have a valid reason for violating this contract ?

The seller did not answer your inquiry on SHIPPING . (Not a reason to default.)

The items are not the "usual" fare for this seller. (Not a reason to default.)

Items were available for a short time. (Not a reason to default.)

You don't like the seller's record. (Not a reason to default.)


Did you get a little "greedy" and rush to bid, without checking the seller's record ?

So far, neither the buyer nor the seller has not done anything wrong. Will you be first ?


At question is your integrity as a buyer. Will you keep your promise ?


Sorry, neighbor. You made mistakes. Who should pay for your mistakes ?

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If you pay with Paypal you are protected against both fraud (items not shipping) and counterfeits.


It looks like you won some great items at great prices. Get them, examine them, and most likely enjoy your winnings. I have sniped many items on the bay at a fraction of their market value because an inexperienced seller didn't know what they had or how to market it. Heck, a Montblanc AC in gold vermeil for under a grand, with full protection from Paypal? Why wouldn't you buy? You just saved at least two thousand dollars on the one pen alone. You can flip that one pen and pay for your other purchases...

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Randal, Is it even allowed to cancel without a bad note on my account?

No it isn't permitted to cancel without receiving unpaid item warnings from ebay. If you cancel 3 and receive 3 warnings then your account will be closed. So it pays to think seriously before winning items than to worry about it afterwards when it's too late.


I don't know why you are suddenly worried about making payment. If you do pay and then you don't receive the pens you are covered by ebay so you won't lose any money anyway.

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Sorry, neighbor. You made mistakes. Who should pay for your mistakes ?



Why weren't you asking these questions before you bid?

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So you have a choice- loose some money or get negative feedback. I`d go with the negative feedback.

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If you pay with Paypal you are protected against both fraud (items not shipping) and counterfeits.



How are you protected if the seller withdraws the money after receiving payment?

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worst scenario: you pay and the goods are in good condition but fakes. It is your burden to prooof. since you did not do the right thing, which is to think before buying and weigh the risks, you are expected to pay. If your guts tell you the contrary, ask the seller to void the transaction and tell him yo u have good reason for that. If he doesn't respond, default your pay. You will get one negative. But be more judicious in your next buys and only commit when you have checked the behavior of the seller. i wouldn't probably buy from anywhere than from previous sellers i have tested from Japan, no other place. And not for more than $100. How would you reach to them if the sale goes south? I have been also in the raw end of a dispute, when accused -- wrongly - of sending a defective item. It appears the buyer damaged the macro lens or changed it fr a defective one. I had not written down the serial number nor had photographed it showing the serial number, I was not heard by ebay and they made a judgement for the buyer, which was totally wrong. So, I think ebay protects buyers more than seller. You have the upper hand in this case.

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As it clearly states on ebay prior to you clicking the confirm button, you are entering into a contractual obligation.


Suggestions to simply not pay because of potentially dubious nature of sale are horribly misguided. You're concerned about the integrity of seller, so you will compromise your own? That's so very not the adult thing to do.


Ebay, paypal and cc protection are all iron-clad.

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So you have a choice- loose some money or get negative feedback. I`d go with the negative feedback.

That's not helpful. First, ebay guarantees buyers purchases on ebay so he can't lose any money, and only sellers have been able to receive negative feedback for years.

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How are you protected if the seller withdraws the money after receiving payment?

ebay protection protects you as the buyer

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I waited a while to wade in, but I also wanted to say... Ebay/paypal buyer protection really IS slanted very much toward the buyer. You won't lose or risk ANYTHING except possibly shipping. You could get exactly what the seller has stated.


Would I personally have felt confident bidding on those auctions with an unproven seller? Mmmmmaybe.


I am emphatically not much of a girly girl... but I bid on and won a really nice (professional looking) bag on the 'bay' and had it authenticated later, got it for a song (it was kind of dirty, terrible pictures...). I would never have paid anything close to retail (or even resale) price for this bag, but I love it and it's a beautiful quality piece of gear. Even counting the price to have it professionally refurbished and reconditioned, it was a fraction of the worth of the bag. I still use it often.

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