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Is This A Platinum 3776 And, If So, What Model?

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Hi Folks.


I should be most grateful for your assistance.


I picked up a pen in an auction lot which has what looks like a Platinum 3776 nib. However I have not been able to identify the model - it certainly does not look like the current Century line of pens. Pictures below. If someone could help me to identify the model and its age it would be much appreciated.


The body of the pen is gloss black plastic with gold plated clip, cap band and trim. The clip has a scroll or shield at its top. Both barrel and cap have flat tops and the cap is snap-on. There are no makers markings anywhere on the body or trim.


The nib is marked with the Platinum trade mark P and the number 3776. It is also marked with14K and what I think is the Kanji or symbol for medium and carries, at its lower point, what looks like a stylised J and S within a circle. It writes very nicely with a bit of spring in the tip. While marked as medium it lays down a line similar to that from my Pelikan steel fine.


The pen came with an empty cartridge (which looks like a Platinum) but no converter - if it is a Platinum Pen, will current converters fit OK?


Any Ideas on what I've got?


Thanks in advance











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It looks to me like the previous owner has simply swapped the nib from a 3776 into a different pen. I have no idea what make of pen you've got there, but it's certainly not a Platinum 3776. Maybe somebody else can tell you what make it is.

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It looks like a Sailor Somiko, somewhat. Or that style anyway. Perhaps an older version or an older Platinum pen that received a newer nib.

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Thank you for the input. It certainly is a mystery!


I was surfing the net last night and found a pictue of an original 3776 from 1978 then up for sale. http://www.tomattarashinu.com/2013/02/for-sale-platinum-gathered-3776/

The section, works, ebonite feed and nib on that pen are identical to those on mine (it even has the stylised J and S at the base of the nib). Clearly the ribbed barrel and cap are a different kettle of fish but it would appear that, at the least, the front end of my pen is from a 3776.


The quest continues....

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The "JS" mark that you see on the nib is the symbol for the Japanese Industrial Standards mark:




"Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) specifies the standards used for industrial activities in Japan. The standardization process is coordinated by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee and published through the Japanese Standards Association."

Scientia potentia est.

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Thanks for the information about the Standards mark - most helpful.


Well, it turns out that it is 100% #3776! I found a photo of this very model on the archived Platinum Place web site with the following description


"Black cap and barrel. Wide cap band. Unusual cross shaped clip. The only model with this clip. 14K gold nib."



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Very nice.

I enjoy MB 146 pens, Sailor, Pilot and Platinum pens as well. I have a strong attraction to dark red and muted green ink, colors I dislike for everything but FP ink. I also enjoy practicing my handwriting and attempting to improve it. I love the feel of quality paper under a gold nib.

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Interesting. Well done on the research :)


Are you sure that it's a 3776? I don't see "3776" mentioned on that page. Obviously it's definitely a Platinum though.

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Thanks - I enjoyed the chase!

You are right that it not named as a 3776 in the photo but the owner of the collection has not named any or many of the other pens that feature either and I suspect that they come from clearly definable ranges too. Although the picture on the archived page is not the best quality, and it might be wishful thinking, but I am certain that the nib on the picture is the same as mine.

I am not sure yet whether this will be kept or moved on but this part has been fun anyway!



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Oh! My God! this pen is the #3776 The First Generation (初代) in the 1970s.

(Some said that #3776 Gathered (we called it the Michelin-pen) is the first Generation #3776, though).


This pen is the highly sought pen in the Asian Pen community!

That barrel and cap are made of "lacquer".

The clip has a necktie (or mustache, or the shape of Fuji mountain?) mark and that's the only one pen in Platinum pen production history has it!

The nib is fabulous smooth with its round curve, compare to the modern flat nib.

The length of the pen without the cap is longer then the regular #3776.

This pen is a grail pen for most of Platinum Pen lovers.

Regarding this pen, you can more information in the Nakaya web-site (not sure it has English version?)

You have a gem in hand!

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