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Staining – F&c Model 40 Pocket


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TLDR: My F&C Model 40 Pocket (being used as an eye-dropped) is stained. The stains are on the threads connecting the barrel and the section, and there is also a portion of ink stuck within the feed. I have tried soaking the section/feed unit several times, and the returns have been increasingly diminishing. Please help!


I am a novice fountain pen user. My introduction to fountain pens came when I discovered an old Sheaffer in my mother's closet that had formerly belonged to my grandfather. I spent weeks cleaning and restoring it, by which I mean I soaked the pen in water and blew threw the feed every night for about three weeks until it finally started functioning again.


After this process, I decided I had invested enough time into fountain pens that I should buy another one. I selected the Franklin & Christoph Model 40 Pocket because it is beautiful and entirely different from the Sheaffer I already had. I immediately converted the pen into an eye-dropper and have had a lovely experience with it ever since – that is until the first time it ran out of ink.


I don't use my fountain pen often enough. It probably took me about 2 months to go through the first batch of ink I loaded into it (sailor jentile blue). By the time I was done, the ink had thoroughly penetrated the feed portion of the section (which I believe is inaccessible using a q-tip) and left noticeable staining on the threads.


The technique I used on my grandfathers old pen – soaking it and passing air through the feed – has been ineffective. I have been at this technique for a couple weeks now and am ready to try a new one. Is there a solution I could use in place of water? How might I remove these unwanted leftovers?


Thanks for your help in advance,



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Actually the whole nib unit screws out. Then you can access the inside of the section with a q tip.


Grip the bottom of the nib (near grip) and bottom of feed, and twist to the left. The whole unit comes out, then grab the portion of the unit previously lodged into the section and pull the nib and feed out, gripping as you did when you originally removed the unit. Now soak all of these components. (nib, feed, nib unit housing, grip) For pens, try one tenth household clear ammonia to nine tenths water and a minute amount of dish soap for extra thorough cleaning. If any ink remains after that get a Q tip in there and scrub.

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