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Victoria's Journals Review


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I've been reading this forum for about a year and felt like it would be appropriate to finally contribute.

Specs: I recently bought this journal on a whim. It's 9x14cm, 70gsm, stitched binding, ecru colored, ruled with a soft pleather cover. It feels like hot press, but the paper has a bit of a tooth. The pages open flat, which I love. According to their website they are made in Hong Kong.

Nice little features: Dedicated space at the top for date. Bookmark.

Overall impression: I've had the journal for a week now and I'm really pleased. My other journal is a Tomo River and lovely to write in, but for whatever reason I've become partial towards the Victora's journal. I've had very little trouble with bleeding or smudging, but the ink and pen I use are on the drier end of things.


My only complaint is that the paper doesn't show a ton of shading, but that may be in part the ink itself.


I have the feeling this is not a great notebook for wet noodles and flex pens, but I'll check once I receive my Namiki Falcon.


Cost: $6.00 in store.

Pictures, sorry about the quality I took them on my iPotato4:


Cover, note the rounded spine



Writing sample (close up), TWISBI Italic with PR ebony purple ink.



Small ink test: (top to bottom) 1 sec. 10 sec. 30 sec.

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Nice review. Great clear pictures. Handwriting is beautiful. Do they come in plain paper? Never impressed by lines. :)

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Anymore information on where/how to get them in the U.S.?


Thanks for the information. Had not seen this brand before.

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Firstly, no, I don't know where to find them in the states. Their website says Office Depot carries them but I'd call and see.


Update: Regarding flex pens and the paper — I've had no trouble so far. My only new issue is that I've smudged some words because the pen I'm using now is more juicy. That said, there hasnt been significant bleeding.

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