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Odd Webster Button Filler - Worth Getting A New Clip And Finding A Sack?


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Hello again, Everyone!


Newbie here again who went out and spent a little money today (and this emoticon would represent my wife: ). This is a button filler stamped /engraved "Webster Chicago" then there's an empty diamond shape, then it reads "Pen - - ILL". The weird part is the stamping/engraving on the underside of the barrel. It appears to have been done at the factory, in the same style, and depth of the other stamping/engraving, only in a larger font. It reads "LILLIE TROJCAK" That is possibly a name (according to "The Google"), and it has me stumped as to why it would be on a pen.


The nib appears to be gold, and not plated. It has a heart shaped breather hole. It is stamped "Gold Bond" over "14k" over 'Made in the USA".


The bad: This pen is missing it's clip, it has some indentations like someone used to "nibble" on the end (not really chew, but left a few marks) and the ink sack was disintegrated. I removed most of the ink sack, very carefully, and removed the button mechanism to clean the pen (with no damage, I might add!).


Question #1: Any idea of what size ink sac a Webster button filler would take? I'd like to keep this one as a writer.

Question #2: Where would I begin to look for a replacement clip?

Question #3: Is it worth it for this pen?


I bought it because I like the colors of the celluloid, to be honest. I'd like to keep it and write with it. Was $20.00 too much to spend on a pen in this condition? Probably.....





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For those who are interested, I fitted a #18 size ink sak to this pen, and it now works quite well. The nib is 14k, flexy, and at least a Medium, if not a Broad nib. You get a lot of neat line variation with it. I'll post something in the reviews section when I get a few free minutes. The end cap (that covers the button) has been nibbled on a little bit, but otherwise it's a nice looking pen. I polished it with some Flitz, inked it up with some Noodler's purple and did some writing. It's a VERY wet nib, and there is a little noise at the tines (kind of a clicking), so the nib probably needs a little adjusting. It's not smooth (another indicator that maybe the nib needs adjusting, i think) and it does put down some nice lines.

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