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Hi all,


End October last year I ordered a red namiki yukari ryale at La C. in Holland.

Normally this pen was foreseen as a present for my wife a christmas present.

In december , i got a friendly call from the shop that there was a computer problem with order entry at Namiki and that the delay was January this year.

So far so good , but this week I got a new mail.from the shop that this very pen could probably be delivered end March , with the info out of Japan:

"At Namiki we want to maintain our highest production standards"

This comes quite strange to me ?


Anyone any ideas on potential issues

Ps , even at iguana sell Europe, the pen could not be delivered.

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Goodmorning Arran, this looks strange for us.

Unfortunately Japan has not an open communication. Especially when it comes to troubles or other unforeseen problems. I'm sure they are embarrased with this delay. They will do everything to fix this as soon as possible. With the sentence "At Namiki we want to maintain our highest production standards" I assume there is a production problem. No matter how you toss and turn, urushi is urushi. It is a craft. The process can not be accelerated. If the pen could "probably" be delivered at the end of March, it is going to be a probably !


The only thing you can do is ….. wait … for a marvellous Red Namiki Yukari Royale. You will enjoy it even more.


Take care, Catherine

Catherine Van Hove



Koning Albertstraat 72b - 3290 DIest - Belgium

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its basically waiting for a Nakaya from the Pen workshop it's produced from typically 2/3rds a year's wait so ordering in october for xmas isnt really the wisest of ideas unless there's a back stock which I doubt

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