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Ferocase 56 Pen Display Case


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So I've been on the hunt for a few years for a nice pen display case that matched my room's black wood furniture. Embarrassed to say I first filled up a 24 pen, then a 36 pen rosewood display case from Penn State Industries. Loved 'em but the brown wood and gold knobs clashed with my furniture. Finally got a beautiful, compact black display case from Ferocase on Ebay. I was nervous at first because of dneal's earlier review. (https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/283326-ferocase-pen-chest/) The display case came in this week and it is awesome! It has a black finish and chrome knobs that match my furniture beautifully. Only drawback is the case capacity is 56 pens! Dangerous LOL! I guess I can grow into it. I highly recommend the black color. It did not have the wood veneer, paint or drawer divider alignment issues that dneal experienced.



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Bought it about one year ago and it is really nice!


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If you are in the EU: La Couronne du Comte carries them, he has several types. Real yummy looking.






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