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Ink Review: Organics Studio Mark Twain Halley's Comet


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I may have reviewed this ink before, but this one is more extensive and on some different papers.


For some reason the scan came out sideways. The color is probably more accurate than the next image which is just an iPhone picture.


The text reads:

"This is still one of my favorite inks. A soft lovely purple. O like the color so much that when Anderson Pens had a special sale of OS inks, I got an 8 oz container. Ink for Life. But it is worth it. The vast majority of OS inks I've used have been totally well-behaved. My Menlo in Amber Tortoise is somewhat translucent and this ink doesn't stain. And it has no problems startiung up from a pause in writing. I don't believe this ink is being brought back in the limited release of OS. Maybe some would call this blue-violet."










As seen in this last pic it is fairly water resistant if you quickly blot up with a paper towel.


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Nice. This is one of those inks that I *almost* bought, but didn't. Teddy Roosevelt Midnight is pretty close to this - looking at this, I think they are different, but I did wonder if they were the same.

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I have a bottle of the Teddy Roosevelt Midnight, but haven't tried to yet. You've encouraged me to check it out...


The Mark Twain is a purer color while the Teddy Roosevelt dries to a much more neutral in tone and more in the blue-violet color range. I'll write up some comparative samples tomorrow, but in reality they seem quite different.


And the Teddy Roosevelt has a really strong inky phenol aroma.

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Always nice to see another Organics Studio ink reviewed. This is one of the colors I'm looking forward to try in a pen.


I remember this ink slightly more towards a slightly more dusty eggplant color from my swab tests?


Many thanks for your review!





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Yes Michael, it's a soft violet tone, so muted eggplant might be a good description. But it's not a dull color. And I don't think of it as dark as eggplant.


I inked up the Menlo with the Teddy Roosevelt Midnight's Blue, and it is very similar, but even more muted, and in the blue-violet range. Also very shady. I'll try and get some pics tomorrow though I don't know how the light will be.

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