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Gothic Letter "c"


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Hello all!


SO I have started my adventures in learning Gothic lettering (after many years of being intimidated in the amount of strokes required), and I just can't wrap my head around the letter C. (And, I suppose the letter E too since they are practically the same). The angle of my top stroke keeps shooting off in weird directions. Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to do this right?





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All your top strokes are very straight. While the top stroke looks straight, in many cases, there is a slight, concave curve in the top stroke. This makes the stroke more controllable, IMHO.


Best of luck,


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Are you using a dip pen? Dip pens are quite sharp and if you are applying any sort of pressure, they nib tends to slide along the edge on angled strokes. This behaviour is more noticeable with the Brause nibs - the fact that they have a slight obliqueness to them doesn't help either :-)


This can also happen with fountain pen if the nib is sufficiently sharp.


Relax your hand and lighten the pressure and see if that helps.



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