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Advice On Selling Montblanc Boheme Fp

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I have a Montblanc Boheme fountain pen I've decided to sell, but I don't see many of these for sale. It's not the retractable variety, but rather the type with the gemstone in the clip (in this case, an elegant black gemstone). It's in great shape, the nib having been perfected by nib guru Mike Masuyama so that it writes wetly in a medium-broad line.


I wonder if my fellow FPNers might advise me as to the value of this. I don't want to overprice or underprice it.




Current favorite pen: Montblanc 144 Meisterstuck purchased at Art Brown in 1984. After 25 years, every part has been replaced except the nib. Still a gorgeous writing instrument, rock-solid reliable, gives me hours of pleasure to use.

Current favorite ink: PR Supershow Blue

Current favorite paper: Kokuyo Ice notepads from Japan

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For pens that are not rare, roughly 40% of retail is what i see round here. Less if there are issues.

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Here's the results of a search of eBay's sold listings for "Montblanc Boheme fountain pen noir" (Which is what I think they call the version with the black gemstone); I think there's also one for sale on the FPN classifieds, which you could also use to price your pen.



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