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Sailor Jentle - Tokiwa-Matsu


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Thank you so much for your review. It's one of my favorites. The thank you card is SO VERY beautiful!

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Tokiwa-matsu is not a color I would normally love. I like my greens on the warm side, but this is a definite pine that borders on emerald in some light. Yet there is something very special about it. I wish it were better behaved on cheap paper, but I guess there is no perfect thing. It should get plenty of pocket time in any case. Tokiwa looks especially nice on ivory paper.






This color makes me think of how Portland Oregon looked this winter. It's been the second wettest winter since they started tracking that kind of thing.


Thank you for this gorgeous review!

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Thank you for your friendly review of this elegant green! ... A warmer green also by Sailor would e. g. be Wake-Uguisu which is brighter and warmer and - I would say - mossy. Your comparison with Alt-Goldgrün and Verdigris which both are very nice and special colours is illuminative. ... and besides of all you have wonderful handwriting!

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