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Broken Nib, Waterman 511D


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Hi, i got this pen of an action and the nib is broken. It's a Waterman pen i think the model is 511D, with a Edel chromstahl 1 qual nib. Is that a #2 nib? And does someone know any other nib that fits this pen?




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It looks like a standard Waterman's #2 nib would fit that pen. But across other companies, nib sizes and numbers don't translate exactly. Its really a question of finding a nib tjat will fit not just you pen I'm a gemeral way but the curvature of the feed without losing its definition. Again I would suggest a Waterman's #2 nib for that pen.

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Dear Jagarpether, looking at the photos it is difficult to see what is up. The top one looks like it is broken, the bottom looks bent. I managed to turn my Parker Falcon into a stub italic by judicious grinding of the tines. Is that possible with this one?

Sorry can't help with nob sizing

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Thanks for the answers!

Here is some better photos of the pen and nib and nib measurements.

Nib lenght: 23mm shoulder width 6mm tail width 3mm






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Hi, I had a sort of similar situation; my Parker Falcon tippin flew off the end of the tines as I was adjusting it.



I can't suggest it is applicable in this case, the nib appears to be pretty beat up, but you have very little to lose.



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Thank for the tip. But this nib is to bent to be fixed. I tried to fix it when i first got it, but the nib was beyond repair, and finally the tip broke.


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Today i got a new nib. And the pen works nice. I got a Watermans w-2a and it fitted perfect. Thanks for the reply's



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