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The Vanishing Point Clip location poll


I don't own a VP because of the Clip location  

332 members have voted

  1. 1. I don't own a VP because of the Clip location

    • Yes
    • No

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I voted Yes, in that, Yes, I do not own one because of clip position. I would be happy to vote again as it was confusing to me and apparently to many others. Obviously, people would like to vote correctly and many may have done so incorrectly. Why not delete the thread and start again with a clearer question like, "Did the clip position stop you from buying a VP?"

What else do we have in life if not to help each other?

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Latest bulletin: A Congressional committee has been formed to investigate the placement of the clip on the so called "Vanishing Point" pen.


The committee was formed after allegations were circulated that an opinion survey resulted in confusion and may have caused some voters to vote "No" when they meant "Yes" and other voters to vote "Yes" when they meant "No." Still other voters did not vote all despite their feeling the urgent need to express their convictions on the issue because they were or were not owners of the pen in question. There continues to be debate regarding whether the now infamous survey had a selection for persons who did not buy or wish to buy a "Vanishing Point" pen but didn't buy the pen for reasons other then the clip.


Not only was the opinion survey flawed. Some investigators now contend that the point of the "Vanishing Point" pen does not truly vanish. Instead, the pen point may be clandestinely concealed somewhere within the the pen. The House Committee on Covert Operations meeting in special session has appropriated seven billion dollars to determine whether the point of the "Vanishing Point" pen truly vanishes. If not, regulatory action may be needed to require that notices be sent to all "Vanishing Point" pen owners advising them that, contrary to manufacturer's inferred claims, the point of their pens will NOT vanish regardless of how many times pen owners may push the little button.


The Obama administration has commented, through sources that asked not to be identified, that Mr. Obama has no position on the controversy. An unnamed member of the the White House staff quoted the President as having said, "I've never even heard of a 'Vanishing Point' pen. Why are you bothering me with this? Can't you see I'm busy at the moment?" Republican National Committee Chairperson Michael Steele responded that this is just another indication that the Administration is out of touch with controversial issues facing the nation. Mr. Steele is quoted as saying, "If Mr. Obama contends that he has not heard of 'Vanishing Point' pen, as Americans we're entitled to know what he didn't know and when he didn't know it. The public deserves a straight answer from their Commander In Chief."


I love it. You are definately, Enjoying the Journey! :ltcapd: :roflmho:

But wasn't it really 7 billion dollars that are still in the ink drying time testing room?????

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What else do we have in life if not to help each other?

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An old thread, but an interesting read through (even through the confusion... :lol: )


I have several older pens and prefer the clip placement on the 80's/90's vintage Capless. When they changed the design, and went to the new VP style, I bought a few of the "retired" version in different colors before they were gone.


I purchased a "new" VP several years back, was irritated by the grip, never inked it and presented the pen to a friend. There are some great "new" colors, but I just can't stand the grip in comparison.

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The clip is no bother to me. As I have always held my pens in the "traditional" way -- if there is such a thing as traditional -- the clip falls naturally between my thumb and forefinger.


I know people who write with their thumb or forefinger curled over the top of the pen so the clip on a Capless (VP) would be a problem for them. When I have offered to lend them my pen they have handed it straight back.


I own 3 VP's and use them daily. One is always in my shirt pocket.


If I had a regular use for a fourth colour of ink on a regular basis I would definitely buy another.


Malcolm Webb

Lincoln UK

Malcolm Webb, Lincoln UK


When somebody asks me what Rotary is all about

I tell them it's all about Fun, Fellowship & Caring Service.

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