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Montblanc 31 (22 31 32 34) Disassembly - ?


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Good day, community!

Recently bought a Montblanc 31 with a broken nib. Other parts are in quite good condition. Trying to wash and greese everything that pen works perfect. I found that the piston is moving very hard in back way.

At the Forum, I found picture guide to 344 disassembly, but 3x models are different..


I didn't found any disassembly instruction for 31 32 34 but I found one video by Master Eizo Fujii who was disassembling Montblanc 22.



Tryed to do the same: soaked into the warm water, heated by hair-dryer several times ... but no chance.

Positive is that pen hasn't cracked ;-)


Did someone succeed to disassemble the pump? Any ideas how to do it?

I understand that pen in about 50 years old and some parts are joint-up tightly (I had a problem to dismantle the nib and nib support), but maybe any fluids, any means, any tools maybe used?


Appreciate your comments!


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Hi Dim,

I disassembled many of those pens. The 22 mode basically has the same piston filling system like an 31.

If it's really joint-up tightly, than you might want to leave the piston in water for 1-2 full days to soak, and try then.

Be careful, however, with the hair-dryer. It most probably won't damage the resin, unless you keep it really close, and for a longer period of time.

If you are persistent it probably will loosen up and you'll be able to disassemble it.

Also, try to do everything carefully, so you wouldn't crack the resin, either when disassembling it or when reassembling it.


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I'd suggest that if the piston end isn't broken, there's no reason to remove it - it's difficult to do well without a specific tool. If you want to lubricate the piston seal (which is the reason for the stiffness), I would lubricate it by smearing the inside of the barrel with silicon grease using a cotton bud from the 'nib-end' of the barrel. A couple of twists back and forth should free it up.

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