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Delta Fusion 82, Chatterley Celluloid Limited Edition


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Delta Fusion 82, Limited Edition Celluloid, "Black Desert", Medium "Fusion" Nib (No. 06 of 16)


Chatterley Luxuries was running an excellent sale and I picked up this Chatterley exclusive, limited-edition, celluloid fountain pen at a considerable savings over the normal price.

First Impression. Rating: 9
The elegant box, inserts, and graphics are very well done. The box showcases the pen nicely. It’s a little on the large size, so I’ll probably just stash it away, but it makes a good first impression. The pen itself is nicely nestled in a felt-covered cradle, well protected, and well displayed. Included in the box are three ink cartridges, and a converter was installed in the pen.

Appearance. Rating: 9
The pen is a classic cigar shape, totally machined from a block of brown and black mottled Celluloid. The brown material has some shimmer/sparkle...very attractive and fascinating. There are no end caps/jewels, either on the barrel or the cap; just a smooth, continuous line. The hardware (furniture) is gold plated and appears to be well done. The pocket clip is very tight and very solid. I took a point away because I’m not in love with the clip design...it looks a little odd.

Design/Size/Weight. Rating: 10
This is a substantial pen. Not oversize but probably not the best for someone with small hands. Being all Celluloid except for the clip, nib, and trim rings, it’s very lightwight considering its size. To me, it's a pen I could write with all day without fatigue.

Length Capped: 143mm, 5.63”
Length Posted: 157mm, 6.2”
Length Uncapped: 126mm, 5”
Nib Length: 25mm, 1”
Cap Diameter: 15mm, 0.58”
Section Diameter: 10.8mm, 0.42”
Barrel Diameter: 13.6mm, 0.53”
Overall Weight (Filled): 25 grams

Nib. Rating: 8
The Medium Fusion nib is stainless steel with a gold overlay attached (fused?) to a portion of the top. According to Delta, this gold overlay is supposed to improve the viscosity of the ink and somehow improve the ink flow. I have seen nothing that would support this claim. The nib itself is extremely smooth, and the ink flow is wet without being a gusher. The nib is a nail...very rigid with no noticeable flex or line variation. In performance, it reminds me of some vintage Sheaffer nibs; smooth but very stiff. Great for normal writing but not if you’re trying to get fancy.

Filling System. Rating: 10
Cartridge/Converter. A Delta-labeled screw-type converter was installed in the pen. Since it screws into the section instead of the common push-in converter, there should be no problems with the converter pulling loose and leaking, Because of this, I rated it a 10.

Cost and Value. Rating: 8
I purchased this on sale from Chatterley Luxuries and saved a considerable amount over their normal pricing. As a limited edition fountain pen, well made from high-quality materials, and with excellent performance, I gave it a 8. If the nib had some softness or flexibility, I would have given it a 9.

Conclusion. Total Rating: 9.0
I am very, VERY pleased with this pen. It’s made from beautiful, high-quality materials, with an excellent design, great attention to details, very comfortable in the hand, and performs great. If it only had a more flexible nib, it would be close to perfect. I plan on keeping this beauty in my regular rotation and giving it a lot of use!

Additional Photos:

Outer Box

Box Cover Off:


The Pen!


Writing Sample:

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I bought one in the Marmo Incrinato celluloid (brown & cream cracked marble) during the sale too, and am similarly enamored with mine. My medium nib was a little dry OOTB, but with a small amount of tweaking it's become one of the smoothest nibs I own.

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I bought one from the same source with the stub Fusion nib. The pen is gorgeous, and the nib is perfect. If Chatterley hadn't had these special editions on sale, I'm not sure I would have tried one, but I'm glad I did!

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I recently picked one up on eBay after viewing one in person at South Coast Plaza Paradise Pen in Orange County California. It was shipped amazingly quickly from Italy to USA in 3 days! That's faster shipping then when I order something from across the street. No joke. The seller was Martemodena. First time I ordered from this seller. Marco's emails were fast and he responds quickly to questions. I typically do not order items from overseas sellers for fear of having no recourse in the event an item does not arrive as expected. After this buying experience I would highly recommend this seller to anyone on FPN. I also picked it up for a very very good price. The only qualm I have is that I upgraded to a stub nib and messaged the seller before placing my bid and order. It was at an upgrade of $50. It was steep but at the price I picked up the pen at, it was well worth it.


Back to the actual pen. The packaging was quite impressive. It really added to the enjoyment of unpacking the pen. This nib is truly buttery smooth. Even for a stub! It is now going to be my daily carry pen. It glides over even the cheapest paper in my office. My Montblanc 14k and 18k nibs aren't this smooth. Not even close. I have compared it to all my other steal nibs and it is still top shelf in terms of performance. This morning I compared it to the following TWSBI nibs: extra fine, fine, broad, 1.1, and 1.5. Winner: Delta Fusion 82 Stub!


Now this is absolutely with out a doubt the priciest steal nib in my collection. My preference is also demonstrator pens like the TWSBI 580s and the Montblanc Meisterstuck line of gold nibs. I also like heavier pens. The weight on this one is a bit off putting. It feels like I have a No. 2 pencil in my hand from grade school. The girth is good. Almost an exact match to a LeGrand. But I cannot get over the lightness of this pens. To me, that is the only drawback. My wife, who doesn't understand my affection towards pens, doesn't like the marble look. She says it looks like a $5 pen. I, on the other hand, love the marble look. It is different from all my other pens. A word of caution: Do not bring it to your next office board meeting. I was so mesmerized by the color that I stared at my pen the entire time. The meeting ended and I don't even know what it was about. Needless to say, this is my new carry pen.


Who knew that a stub would ever write this smoothly. Even with fast note taking during client meetings. In the past I would only use medium nibs for quick notes. Not anymore. Thanks to Delta and eBay seller Marco from MarteModena Italy!

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