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Why This Delta Is It My Best Fp?


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I've always looked for a FP that wrote very well, with a very fine line, and that could load a lot of ink. My search took me to different gorgeous FP, all of them fantastic in one or another sense, such as Graf von Faber-Castell Classic, Parker Duofold, Pelikan M1005 or Sailor KOP.


After all these years, I've found the best thing of each, but I've also discovered their weak points. I know that perfection doesn't exist, but I kept looking for it... until I got my Delta Dolcevita Oversize. His EF nib is wonderful, smooth, never scratchy; his ink capacity is unbeatable as I use it as an eyedropper, and his design... Well, it's an italian FP!


Well, after several months of pleasaqnt writing I must admit that my searching has finished. This Delta Dolcetivia is my best FP!


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You have ruined me. I have lusted after a Delta Dolcevita Oversize for a long time. Now I'm going to have to save my pennies for one.

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