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Trying To Find Wick-Less Traditional Sealing Wax In The Uk - Any Ideas?!


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A couple of years ago my Dad found some lovely old sealing wax which he gave me. It doesn't have a wick, and is the traditional brittle kind.


I am sadly starting to get to the end of my stock of this lovely wax and need to buy some more, however I am really struggling to find anything similar (for a decent price).


The closest thing I can find is something called "Bank of England" sealing wax, however J.Herbin "Cire Banque" looks like it might be pretty similar.


The difficulty I'm having is that I can only find this was in bulk boxes that are £60-£80 each, really I'm only after a couple of sticks and looking to spend £20ish.


Does anyone know where I can get this type of wax for a decent price in the UK? (I'm after Red/Crimson, Blue and Gold).


Thanks for your help.



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The Bank of England wax is Waterstons (no 'e'), and you can see some at the bottom of Green and Stone's calligraphy page. Abraxas is also a brittle wax, and you can see the whole spectrum at kallipos.de.


There are more online suppliers of Waterstons than of Abraxas, so you be able to find somewhere cost-effective. Green and Stone doesn't have an online shop, but the staff are very helpful, should you wish to place a mail order with them. (I bought some Abraxas from them in person but wasn't sure which colour was which, so they broke a piece off and melted it for me so I could see which was the translucent amber I was looking for, then they gave me a new stick.)


Take care to see whether the wax you want has a wick or not: it's not always immediately obvious in online photos.

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