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Platinum Uef Nib?


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I'm considering purchasing a Platinum 3776 Century with a UEF nib. I currently write with a SEF Pilot Falcon which I love, but would like something even finer! Has anyone used the platinum UEF? Is it thinner than a pilot SEF or about the same? And how does it write, is it terribly scratchy?

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I don't have a Pilot SEF but I did just buy a 3776 Century with UEF nib and I'm quite impressed. It is not quite as pleasant to write with as my other Platinum which has an SF nib, but I have quite a few pens that has tipping several times wider that are less smooth. I'd recommend it. It is quite a lot thinner (AFAIR) than my Pilot SF elabo.

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The Platinum UEF nib is clearly finer than the Pilot Falcon SEF, perhaps a little finer I think than the Pilot PO, and about the same width as a Sailor Saibi-togi.

I find it dry enough to use with Noodler's Borealis Black, and with that ink I get a very consistent line, without feathering (in wetter pens I find NBB has a certain tendency to feather or smear), but with enough flow for high contrast. Once I adjusted to the nib (requires a light hand, though it's easier to get used to than the Saibi-togi), I found it very smooth (for such a fine nib); and even when writing with a heavy hand (the nib is a nail and feels indistructible), it's not scratchy at all.

The Platinum 3776 UEF has become one of my go-to workhorses. Then again, I wouldn't want to give up the Falcon SEF either.

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I ordered a maestro, the $50 model of the UEF pen, from engeika, on 31 December 2014.

Sadly due to the new year, it will take likely twice as usual to get the package.

That is perfectly okay, though, since my PO nib and needlepoint penmanships will keep me occupied in the interim :).

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Needed just a touch of 12,000 and my UEF 3776 sings. Also find it to have a soft nib feel when writing which was a nice surprise.

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Dr. Joseph M. Vitolo

The Platinum 3776 Century UEF is the finest in terms of thinness I have ever used. Here is a comparison I did some time ago that you may find interesting.





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I have both the Platinum Century UEF and the Sailor Saibi-togi. I find the Sailor to be slightly finer--I ordered it mostly because they weren't going to be made any more. Both nibs are difficult to get used to, but the Platinum is easier. They require frequent flossing and do better with wetter inks. They are not for fast writing. I satisfied my curiosity about them and probably will sell or trade them.

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You guys have me sold! I just purchased the century in bourgogne!

Will you let us know how you get on with it? (That's assuming you haven't done so already in another thread.) :)

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