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Petition For A Purple Lamy Safari

Ethereal Winter Wind

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Well I've decided to start a petition requesting that Lamy makes a special edition purple Lamy safari. Every year when there speculation about what colour the next year's special edition Lamy safari will be and purple is always a popular request, and every year thus far Lamy has not made a purple one. Please help by signing this petition:




It is not really a demand like normal petitions, but a request and something to show that there is a lot of support behind this colour, in the end it is Lamy's choice as a business to whether they think it is something viable to produce. If there is enough of us maybe Lamy will take notice.

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My mockup made with Gimp ;)


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Love your mock up. I'd definitely buy a purple one. I already have two purplish Al-Stars.

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I wonder what is their process of picking up new colors. I believe they do limited runs not only to increase sales to collector's and lovers of those colors, but because they have to look after their design. If they did a rainbow of Safaris readily available, the way we see their product will be much less exclusive and thoughtful. It will feel as generic mass-produced pens. These colors must relate to something contemporary, that is why they changed the Safari lineup over the years, and suddenly black clips in colored Safaris feel retro. Lamy not only follows fashion but they do fashion.

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OK,purple would be nice for some, but how about a dark green or a chocolate brown??? And without the black clips which have a tendency to flake off so that the brass underneath shows. Or how about some others in a matte finish, or ..................

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I rather like the neon coral. Is there a neon orange? Would be nice.


It might be this year's color, but it would be strange both the AL-star and Safari to have the same tone in the limited edition color. But they are releasing the orange ink, so, it is possible. Otherwise it would have to be neon green or neon blue and it would be very similar to the previous aquamarine and apple green. I wish it was matte dark brown or one of the 2 discontinued original colors.

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Neon purple is doable.

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Haha, it might just have to be a neon purple considering the lamy trend :P

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Signed it. I likes me some purple! Maybe I'll get a purple Al-Star the next time I have the change.... for now I'm collecting the nibs ;)

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      That looks pretty good. You might want to add wood as a material (with its weakness of staining) and mention urushi. And under ergonomic considerations, the size of section (slender pens vs chunky pens), and shape of section, and 'disturbances' such as the Lamy 2000 'ears' and Pilot Capless clip getting in the way might be worth mentioning. Also possibly a general section on things you can do yourself with a bit of care, with a bit of practice, and things that are strictly "don't try this a
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