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Help With Identifying This Early Gold-Filled Model Please


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Dear All,


This pen was in a recent auction lot. I don't know which model number should be attached to it or anything very much about it. I'm hoping that those who have far greater experience than I do can provide me with more information. As far as I can tell, the nib is damaged beyond repair and I don't know whether to junk the pen or consider a repair.


All info gratefully received!


Many thanks in anticipation,




The pen measures 41/4 " or 11 cm capped. It is gold-filled. The top of the clip is marked 'PAT SER 5-16' followed by the Parker name. The only other marking/imprint is at the base of the cap where it reads 'Parker Fountain Pen Gold Filled Patent Pen.'



The barrel is engraved with alternating lines and a diamond pattern. There is no engraving on the cap. The pen is a button filler.


The feed is a typical 'Lucky curve' type feed (sorry about the poor quality phone photo). The nib is damaged and I don't know whether it is original to the pen.





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Thanks @daffie. This is a useful suggestion. Only problem is that I don't know which type of 'Lucky Curve' nib matches this model.


Would be grateful for this info if anyone knows.


Many thanks,



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