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Help On M620 San Francisco


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Dear all, some years ago I won in some kind of competition a Pelikan M 620 fountain pen, from the Cities Series, model "San Francisco". I have never used it, actually I have merely opened its box once or twice, since I am not a pen aficionado. I have just put it in some drawer and forgot all about it. Recently I had to make some space for new stuff in my room, so I came across the pen again. Since it is totally useless to me, I wonder if there is anyone in here who would be interested in buying this totally new, absolutely unused fountain pen. I could have put it in auction at eBay, but, to be honest, I do not know how much would sound reasonable to ask as a starting price. Any help from the honourable community of fountainpennetwork.com would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Go out buy a cheap Japanese fountain pen in M, try it.

Hold a fountain pen behind your big index knuckle.., use no pressure to write with, in the fountain pen floats on a small puddle of ink....you are not plowing the south forty with out a mule like with a ball point.



It could be you could come to like fountain pens....and you have a :puddle: one.

Figger 1/3 less than a new price.....even if it is 'NOS'....new old stock...unused...it is still 'used'.


Sigh, all us folks in a warm building, having fun, making neat patterns of kindergarten color inks....having fun...yep needs to be repeated...in no one has fun with a ball point.

And you are out in the cold of Ball Point Barbarian land....sigh.


Do me a favor...hang around for a week, pop in and peek here and there once a day....with so many nuts :rolleyes: perhaps there is a real reason why there is no Ball Point Com....and so many fountain pen coms.

From youth to old, from poor to well to do....the rich have their secretary post for them. :P


Yep, you could sell the pen; waste the money on soon to obsolete telephones or soon to be empty Scotch bottles....or you could learn what you have. Something that will out live you, and your grand children and all will have the same fun with it.

How can someone have fun writing....ball point and roller ball folks can't.

Period. It's just marks made at work.

There is a tad of fun even at work....more than that.

Even if one's job has no writing attached, one does have a life after work, out side the bars... and one can have fun scribbling....astounding....the Brooklyn Bridge don't belong to us, so don't worry I'm not trying to sell it to you.


Do visit Richard Binder's com, the basics of fountain pens....after three days, you will know much more and perhaps...go out and buy that Cheap Pilot pen to see what the fuss is all about.

The fuss is everyone here is having fun.

How odd. :P


If you don't want to hang around with weirdo's fine. You can hang with the Boring Ball Point Barbarians.

You are right, why have cheap fun, when one can avoid it, by selling some sort of weird writing instrument. ...we call them fountain pens, not fine writing instruments. Instruments are over priced Ball points.


I tried...sigh...another lost soul....still lost. :(

Edited by Bo Bo Olson

German vintage '50-70 semi-flex stubs and those in oblique give the real thing in On Demand line variation. Modern Oblique is a waste of money for a shadow of line variation. Being too lazy to Hunt for affordable vintage oblique pens, lets you 'hunt' for line variation instead of having it.

RIP...200's once great nib, now a double ball.:crybaby::wallbash:


The cheapest lessons are from those who learned expensive lessons. Ignorance is best for learning expensive lessons.




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New, the m620 used to go for approximately 290 USD. I've seen some new old stock go for approximately the same price recently. Given that a new, standard m600 sells for approximately 400 USD and that this is a limited edition pen in, what sounds like, relatively good condition, I bet that you can find a buyer who will pay the original asking price of the pen (290 USD). If you really want the money quickly, the pen will sell for 200 USD in a heartbeat.


Just one person's humble opinion.

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Also, what is the size of the nib tipping for this pen? If you have a double-broad, triple-broad or any one of the obliques, your asking price can potentially go up. These nib sizes are much rarer.


Hope this helps.

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The Pelikan City Series Special Edition {yearly} San Francisco msrp was $350 usd

the San Francisco is a sought after city series pen..therefore it sells for

premium....In the matter of nib sizes..not rare at all and

you can swap out with any other 600 nib.....



munchin' on taralli {fennel}

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The past, completed sales feature of ebay's search can give you an idea of what similiar pens have sold for. This should provide a good starting point. Good luck with your sale.

PELIKAN - Too many birds in the flock to count. My pen chest has proven to be a most fertile breeding ground.


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This is one of the most desirable pens in the Cities series. Assuming it's in the box and used very gently, I think you can easily sell it for $450-$500. If it's in the box, complete with papers, and has never been inked, you can probably get $600-$700 for it on eBay.


See this thread from four years ago:



Incidentally, the nib is not the same as any other M600 nib. It's 18K, whereas the regular M600 nib is 14K. A regular M600 nib will fit in the pen, but selling it with a 14K M600 nib instead of the original 18K M620 nib would significantly reduce its sale price.

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They do seem to come up less than other City pens, and they are beautiful, but FWIW, a used one w/o box and with the 14k M600 nib traded hands for $200 at last year's L.A. show.


Obviously mint undipped in the box would command a big premium over this (and likely over the new list price), but I think $600-700 even on eBay might be quite optimistic. There was a MIB San Francisco that was listed this month on Ebay with a BIN price of $529. It did not sell for that. It was ended early by the seller, quite possibly to sell it to a buyer at a lower price. Shanghai's MIB seem to be selling for $500.

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