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Sailor Bung Box Omaezaki No Yu-Yake (Omaezaki Sunset)


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Another Yu-yake, another Sunset, from Bung Box (Sailor). I don't have Iroshizuku Yu-yake to compare it with, unfortunately.



Standard Bung Box packaging. And a piece of paper explaining the name of the ink: the colour of sunset you will see in the coastal city of Omaezaki, neither red nor orange but a subtle colour.









Sample, Water-resistance, Dry time, and Comparison

(The scan makes the colours more vivid than in real life. It even makes Orange indien, the terribly under-saturated pale ink which I dislike, look so pretty.)

(The comparison with other inks is probably not very useful. I used toothpicks to draw the lines and they seem to be too wet and thus concealed the differences.)




The description of the ink is quite accurate. It's too red to be called an orange, and not red enough to be called a red. I think I can see some pinkish tone in it, as you might see in the "non-shading" part of the writings. All that makes Omaezaki a unique colour. I like this ink but it's not love yet.

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Oh help. I missed this one. Darn you,



You didn't miss as much as you think. It's pretty, but I'm with lgsoltek, it's not one of my loves.

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Madam Backslash

That is my PERFECT sunset red-orange. I like it even more than the Fuyu-gaki that until now had my heart.

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Hmm close, but the pink ruins it for me,


I've got to get around to seeing what happens if I mix Autumn Oak with, say Oxblood or Red Dragon.

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This looks great. Redder than Iroshizuku Yu-yake.


And a silly question. Are these bottles as poorly printed as they appear in photos?

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