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Half Leather Bound Diary By Bomoart Budapest - Photo Heavy


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I've planned this purchase for a very long time!
I've written a little review of their BomoMemo lately, and this week I went back to the store to get my diary for 2015.







As I wrote earlier in the other review, the paper designs have amazing detail and the leathers are beautiful as well!
Everything they offer is hand-made and the quality is top notch. It just feels great in hand!



On their webshop they offer MANY choices to suite your taste.
On half leather bound things you can select from up to 32 paper designs, and form 8 leather colors.
In the diaries the weekly layout is available in 5 sizes, the daily in 4 sizes.
Full leather diaries are also available.

Mine is a half leather bound daily diary in B7 size (12x17,6cm)








The paper itself is pretty thin. I was a little afraid at first, but it's a very pleasant surprise!
It does have a little texture, but takes inks really well!
No bleed through, just show through (obviously), no mentionable feathering either. (except for the VP seen below. That pen can be really wet with the right ink)
Drying time is pretty long! But it also means that sheeny inks can show their beauty!









So, again....I could not really be happier :happy:


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Beautiful diary!!


My OH is most grateful - no Christmas present planned yet, so it just had to be one of these. :lticaptd: Can't wait!




Make sure you share your opinion!


I'm so happy that some of you (on FPN and in our facebook group) give these beautiful things a try! :happy:

I really hope you'll like them as much as I do!

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I don't want to "overdo" the praising, but I'm really obsessed with them right now :D


Its not hard... they pretty good, I really love their diaries. Really fountain pen friendly, only thing is their cream colored paper not suit certain inks.

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