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What I would really like is Tomoe River A4 signatures to make book blocks. I have been unable to find such a thing, or anything comparable. I've taken on a project of writing the Bible by hand using a fountain pen. I need the paper to lie flat while I'm writing, but eventually I would like to have it bound.


I have found a Bible paper at Shepherds in London, which is between 40 and 60 gsm's. I've found Spanish book blocks at Talas, but the paper is 140 gsm. Talas also sells a book block of 90 gsm paper, but it is only 6.7" X 9.5" (170 x 240 mm).


If I bought a book block, is it possible to separate the signatures?


I have never done anything like this before so I am a newbie to bookbinding. The paper has to be the right grain too:)


I have done calligraphy many years ago. I am brushing up on my penmanship and I am awaiting my new pen but still need to buy the ink. It sounds like Noodler's X-feather is the best for the job but I am not sure of the bleed-through of that ink.


I would be grateful for any advice, and especially paper resources that are in the U.S.



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