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The Right Tool For The Job

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I've been doing some field training at work this week that's required me to take brief notes on paper while standing up in a small group of people.

On the first morning I paused for a few moments to consider what would be the best pen to use. Some of my favorite pens have difficulty writing at strange angles, and I've found springy nibs to be troublesome on a hand-held notebook.

My instinct was to fall back on a trusty Bic Grip rollerball, utterly bullet-proof, but I felt like something a bit different.

On impulse I picked the Sheaffer Balance rollerball that was clipped inside my bag, unused for months. It worked flawlessly, but completely uninspiringly, the sharply tapered ends were very good for pointing at things though.

The next day I craved something a bit different, but I still needed a reliable pen that would work at all angles and not draw attention to itself.
The Parker 45. Of course. It was clipped in my bag right next to the Sheaffer, fitted with a Mocha cartridge (supplied by FPN stalwart Mghuda in a very generous PIF :thumbup: ).

It's robust, discreet, reliable and comfortable. The plain-Jane medium nib is ideal for rapid note-taking, the pointy end is ideal for......pointing, even the brown ink has good contrast and flow characteristics.

It's a bit lifeless for desk-top use, but in the field it's in its element.
Horses for courses eh?


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if you need to quickly start and stop writing a pilot vanishing point might be a good option. i have only used one briefly but its the only pen i have seen that compares with the connivance of a desk pen and it meets your criteria of being nondescript.

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