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A Question Regarding Herbin Stormy Grey.


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A question regarding Herbin Stormy Grey.


I have had limited success using it with fillers.

Works great with dippers.


I make sure it is mixed well when I fill and gently rock the pen for a while to get the glitter suspended before I use the pen, but, all gray, no storm!.


Is that normal with the glitter inks?





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Yes. I have the same experience. I actually don't like the ink much because it's too lubricated and the gold flecks are pretty uneven. The ink constantly leaks from my pen and it's gold coverage is pretty spotty. It's quite different than the Rouge Hermatite that always has a gold sheen where the ink pools.


I tried it in 3 pens, a Pelikan M205, a Nakaya, and a Pilot Parallel. I find the ink behaves similarly in that it looks pretty in the barrel but the ink when used is primarily grey. Only when the pen is not used for a while, that the ink would pool and create the beautiful effect most people photograph. But those moments are few and far in between.

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