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Can I Mix J Herbin Rose Cyclamen?


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I've just received a bottle of J Herbin Rose Cyclamen from fleabay. I wanted this ink for mixing a purple, but I was looking at the box and read:


"Never mix two different inks." !!!


Are they just covering themselves? Or is this an ink which shouldn't be mixed?

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I mix different inks. I have never mixed Rose Cyclamen though, as I really like it as a summery ink just the way it is. IMHO you are probably safer to mix 2 inks from one manufacturer than 2 from different manufacturers. Others will disagree on that though.


On the other hand check out Richard Binder's burgundy ink mix that's equal amounts of Waterman purple and Sheaffer Skrip red. That works.


I would try mixing a very small amount first just to see how it goes.


If you're planning on adding black, to your RC, then you will usually only need the tiniest speck to change a shade like this dramatically

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I'm thinking of mixing it with Namiki blue to produce a water-resistant purple. I'll try a very small amount and leave it for a few days. I was alarmed to read the warning though.

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Found this thread on google and have info:


I usually mix the pink and bright red herbin inks with eclat de saphir to darken it. Usually one waterman or lamy full and then one drop of eclat de saphir via syringe.


The warning on the label is because if you mix different inks you will probably mess up the chemicals somehow, probably creating SITB or similar. I have not found any issues mixing the standard J. Herbin inks amongst each other. I'd advise to stay within the same brand and same subcategory of the brand. Pilot makes inks that are made for mixing IIRC.


The safest approach is probably to mix and leave it sitting in a sample bottle. I tend to only mix in pens I can completely disassemble easily.

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I tend to ramble and write wallotexts. I do that.

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I have mixed the inks and created various shades of pure purple. I've left the inks sitting in sample vials for a few weeks now and I'm nearly ready to try them in a fountain pen which I don't particularly like (meaning I don't care if the ink damages it).

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