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Fountain Pen Storage Solutions

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Sky Fountain Pens

Greetings Everyone,


What do you use to store you fountain pens, case, cigar boxes, store bought cases and holders, trays? Do you make them yourself? How do you make them?



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I have a cigar box I use to store my commonly used pens at home, a 4 pen wrap and a 3 pen case for pens on the go, and a ~20 pen case for pens out of rotation.

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When I go out, I pack one of the 3 pen carriers from Nock Co. Uninked pens atm are stored in a combination of Peyton Street Pens boxes, Spyderco boxes, their own boxes, & a small shipping box, all packed inside of a larger shipping box.


I suppose I should pick up a nice pen roll or two at some point to get things more organized.

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Several different options:


Inked and in-use pens, in a pen cup.

I have thought of a pen wrap, but never got around to getting one. One issue is, you roll it, so the diameter can get big.



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Un-inked pens: cigar box storage.


Inked pens: in a pen wrap where the cover flap is folded backward and the whole thing is rolled and used like a cup with slots, also in my MTN, purse and a small Visconti pen case.




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One of the best buys I ever made, on eBay....it's a heavy, round glass base, with 'holes' in the top; slightly domed, holds at least twelve( though I don't keep that many in rotation) I really don't know if this was its original purpose, but it is perfect as a pen holder.


The other things I like are the Kipling boxes with the wee monkeys on them....elasticated looped inside, for pens, and plenty of inner storage for ink cartridges, small bottles, various bit and bobs.

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At home I have three storage boxes from pencase.co.uk. Pens in current use I just keep flat on a desk or shelf. At work I keep pens in a cheap leather? 4-pen case.

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Reggie The Great

I have a 48-pen pencase at home for storage, and a 3-pen pencase or a pen-roll on the go, though I haven't used them very often lately.


Nowadays, at work I usually carry one in my shirt-pocket and one in a penslot in my agenda..

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Moshe ben David

I store my pens in 'sets'; one set to a 3 or 4 sleeve carry case. I also have a couple of 5 sleeve 'wraps' but I prefer the flatter cases.


Each set includes the fp, a mp (and depending on the eraser in the mp, 'stick' type eraser e.g., Pentel 'Click'), and either a rb or bp. Sets are either all of the same series from a mfr if such exist (e.g., Parker modern Duofold sets) or I make up a set based on what I think complement each other and taking into account mp, bp, etc from mfr that I like or maybe what I see on vintage or 'used' sites such as PSP or FPH.


If I were starting over again now I'm not sure I'd follow the same strategy; it means I've got somethng like 35 pen cases containing sets in rotation... I'd probably limit the 'sets' only to situations where the mfr of the fp also had mp and bp/rb of the same design series, such as the aforementioned modern Duofold or perhaps Pelikan Souveran series.

Moshe ben David


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At home I use low-cost Muji acrylic drawers, fitted with pen tray inserts.




Inked pens all go together in the top tray.




The Muji drawers are really well-made and being transparent, make it easy to find things. I have various sizes, which are also ideal for small ink bottles, sample vials, syringes etc.


I also have two custom made sets of wooden drawers, which hold the bulk of my pens, including those I don't use as often.



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I have to ask what the lever filler is four pens in on the left.

It's a vulcanite (slightly faded) Mabie Todd Blackbird, fitted with an accomodation pocket clip stamped 'The Royal Hinks Wells & Co Birmingham No 1'. Circa 1920.


It has a beautiful smooth, wet, semi-flexible, Swan No. 2 broad italic nib. Lovely to write with.



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Sailor Kenshin

Greetings Everyone,


What do you use to store you fountain pens, case, cigar boxes, store bought cases and holders, trays? Do you make them yourself? How do you make them?



Upright, in drinking glasses of varying sizes and shapes. In a hutch that stores almost all my pens and inks, complete with stepped shelves so the inks stand on varying heights for display.


I tried a pen case once. Drove me nuts.

My other pen is a Montblanc and...


My other blog is a tumblr.


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I use a chine jewelry box from the 19th century which I customised.


I have put it on this thread (the link takes you immediately to the finished version ;) :





SUPORTER OF http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/100x75q90/631/uh2SgO.jpg


My avatar is a painting by the imense surrealist painter Remedios Varo

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I have used multiple do-it-yourself solutions as the collection has grown. Mostly anything with a drawer can be made to accomodate. I use the pen trays from Go Pens because they are great and can be easily cut to fit. I have used...


A cigar box type solution which I made myself and holds 13 pens



A chest that I found online which was able to hold 72 pens



And my latest solution is a machinist tool box which will hold 124 pens






The newest solution that I am working on is a true Gerstner chest that you build yourself. It should hold about 130 pens.



PELIKAN - Too many birds in the flock to count. My pen chest has proven to be a most fertile breeding ground.


THE PELIKAN'S PERCH - A growing reference site for all things Pelikan

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Wow. O_O these pen storage solutions are way out of my league haha.


I have a small box for un-inked pens. For my inked pens, I have one 7-pen pen wrap and two 2-pen leather cases. :)




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