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Sanyal Soumitra's Mini Chinese Pen Reviews


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Can you please suggest a source for this pen?

Really sorry,I do not remember how I acquired this rare pen. Possibly it was part of couple of 10 pen lots I bought ob e-bay from a Japan based seller.

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Soumitra the Wing Sung 27 and the Lucky were purchase on line or in Kolkata?

Dear Hari 317 , these two pens were bought from ebay.

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Crisp and to the point. Like this format of mini reviews.


Thanks for putting in the effort and documenting these pens

Happy that you liked the format. A lengthy formal review is at any time way better and I would revert with those In due course. But for the time being I would stick to this format for many more pens to come. Problem with Chinese pens is - by that time they would come up with a huge additional models, too hard to keep up.!!

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