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Vacumatic Tools

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I've decided to try fixing my Parker vacumatics by myself. online I've seen two kinds of tools advertised for removing the back of the pen: one looking like a rectangle of metal with a certain number of holes, the other looking like a small wrench. I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about. Do you have preferences or suggestions? which one of the two kinds is your favourite tool?

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Out of those two I prefer the wrench type. However, over those two I prefer the below used with a bionic grip:






Available from penpractice in the UK they give a three point grip. No affiliation other than being a satisfied customer.

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I don't like the Vac blocks. It's possible to over tighten the screws and crush the blind cap nipple, especially the plastic ones. I prefer the wrench because they grip better.

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I have one similar to Adyf's. I've done several dozen Vacs and like the fact that I can use pliers force and 'feel' more as I apply pressure. I have yet to find a vac pump that I can't remove and I haven't broken or damaged any of the pens or pumps. That said, I've never used the other type so I cannot attest to their effectiveness.


You'll feel great satisfaction upon completing your first vac repair. Have the scotch close for easy celebration!


Go slow. Good luck!



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and in case, which size do you recommend for the loggerhead wrench? 6, 8, or 10 inches?


Penpractice supplied me with the 6 inch wrench. There's sufficient torque.

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I have just had a horrible thought. Does anyone think that the bionic wrench alone should be used for this task? It would crush the threads. The pictures provided by adyf show how the wrench is used.


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Under no circumstances should you use the bionic wrench alone. Yes, you will crush/ destroy the threads and the unit.

Regards, greg

Don't feel bad. I'm old; I'm meh about most things.

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