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Your Thoughts On And Experience With The Franklin Christophe Model 33 (Abditus)

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I am really attracted to http://www.franklin-christoph.com/model-33-abditus.html. I keep postponing buying one because of (the cost and) my concern with it that the pen itself may be a bit thin. As I cannot try and hold one in real life, I would appreciate thoughts and experiences from Model 33 owners. I own different pens and particularly like my Pilot VP's, Pelikan m205, Lamy 2000 and TWSBI 540, just to give you an idea of the diverse type and sizes that I like. Thanks!

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I do have a 33 Abditus.


In brief: impossible to go wrong with it. Amazing quality, perfect construction details, carefully finished, terrific customer service. Original and sturdy, an everyday writer, and at the same time a sure eye catcher.


Mine has a Masuyama true italic nib, 18K, which I consider one of the best and real italic nib I have ever tried. I do recommed you to study carefully all the nib options. I would also consider to order at the same time one F-C leather pouch: the pen fits the pouch just perfect.


Hope this helps,


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Better than that: I have here at hand my precision caliper, according to which the inner section measures exactly 13.0mm. I mean the INNER section, that is, where you in fact hold the pen when writing; not the outer "looooong cap" diameter. For me, this is a comfortable width; moreover, due to the loooooong section, you can most easily find the right holding spot and angle.

Hope that helps,


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