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Ink View Sections: How To Make Them Clearer


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One of my recent Sheaffer acquisitions has a very hazy, fuzzy ink view, pretty much opaque unless held up to light. I believe it has been heat or environmentally exposed to make it that way. Is it possible to sand/polish off or treat the hazy part to get a clearer ink view underneath?


Not a crucial thing, as the pen works superbly otherwise, but would be nice to make the view section clear again, at least a bit more so.

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Ernst Bitterman

Generally, this is a result of ambering, and that's a chemical process that gets right into the fabric of the material. No one has worked out a way to reverse it (at least, not one that leaves a recognizable pen in the aftermath).


It does sometimes happen that the ambering is abetted by residual ink. A bit of a scrub with the end of a toothpick, being careful around the tail of the feed, can give a little relief in these cases.

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