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Battle Of The Inks - Doppelgänger Edition

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12 hours ago, Luci said:

In the course of doing my review of Standardgraph Elder Blue, I realised it was very, very similar to the Waterman Purple I also had. 

The pens are a little different – the J Herbin is a touch finer, and doesn't have the "roundedness" feeling of the Vector. 

To my eyes, the Waterman is a half-shade darker and a teensy bit less red, but honestly I struggle to tell the difference in real life and on my scanner, even this extremely subtle difference isn't apparent.


What is very clear is how much difference the paper makes to dry-time smear tests. Both these inks dry very well on absorbent paper like a copier paper. But I pulled out my decades-old box of Basildon Bond letter-writing paper and the dry times were much longer and the spread much less (I used the back of the paper so you didn't have to look at the overbearing border and crown – there's a reason it's taken me decades to use what was a Christmas gift from a relative, I think.




They do look very much alike.

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