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Guider Jumbo Review

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First impressions

I knew this was a big pen and when it arrived, I wasn't disappointed :)

Indian pens aren't exactly known for their fit and finish, but this is a pleasant deviant from that norm. Short of examining it under a loupe, I found no flaws on its body or cap. The two threads - between the barrel and section and between the body and cap - were also smooth enough. The clip has indentations that initially suggested a quality issue but after looking it awhile, I'm not sure that it isn't by design. I wish I had a better camera (what sort are ideal to photograph pens?); apologies for the quality of the two pix.


Appearance and Finish 3.5 out of 5

As I state, this is a big pen. Let me compare it with some other amply-sized pens that I have...



The pens in the pic are, from top - Guider Jumbo, 149, Rosetta Coronado Oversize, Bexley 58 and Italix Churchman's Prescriptor.


As you can see, this pen is quite basic. It won't have your gaze transfixed on it or anything.

Design, Size and Weight 4 out of 5

I'm not someone who's comfortable posting my pens while I write, and it's just as well because when posted, you need to be King Kong-esque to feel comfortable with it (well, nearly). The ebonite makes it light enough when unladen and there's a tangible difference in its weight after its barrel is full. I know it's just 2 ml or so but one does feel the difference. I did anyway :)


The section transitions well from the barrel and the threads don't get in the way at all. The clip and top of the cap are very basic and nothing to write about.

This isn't a pen that's ideal for a shirt pocket. It does fit in mine but its girth makes me feel self-conscious as I walk around in my office, and I prefer carrying it unobtrusively by hand :)



Nib and Performance 5 out of 5

Here was the biggest, most pleasant surprise of all. You'd have read about Indian pen nibs and their scratchiness. The nib on my Jumbo blew me, though. When the manufacturer said that he could only ship with the standard Fine and not a Broad (my standard nib size preference), I was half expecting to replace it with something else. Was I in for a surprise!


It's hard to describe just how well the Jumbo's nib is. It glides around on the paper but I'm left feeling that Guider would do better to term the point a Medium rather than Fine, because that's how the line width feels.


When I bought my Professional Gear a year or so ago, I was given a complimentary bottle of Sailor Jentle blue ink which I always found unpleasant somehow. On a hunch, I filled the Jumbo's barrel with it and I've developed a new appreciation for it; a happy fallout, if you will :)


The pen writes wet and is an absolute joy to write with. There's a constant triangular nib creep at the very tip and after a while, it feels like it's part of the territory... y'know, a gold-colored nib with a little blue triangle at the tip :)


The one little sore point about the pen was that after a month's use, there was some leak from the barrel-section junction. Since I've not found silicon grease here in Sharjah, I rely on hope with my EDs. If I find some grease, I'm sure the slight leak will cease to be.

Filling System 4 out of 5

It's an ED, and they don't come any easier than that :) It doesn't get a full 5 because of the aforementioned leak.

Value for Money 5 out of 5

I ordered two Jumbos (the other one is black, and I've not inked it up yet) and it cost me $40 including postage to Bangalore. Lots of bang for the buck :)


It's not a looker but more than makes up for it when you put it to paper... and what more can one ask for from a $20 pen? I'm not connected to Guider pens but do go on and buy one today. At $20, you could hardly go wrong.




'Nothing' isn't impossible. I've done it all my life


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Congratulations on your pen! I hope you continue to enjoy it.

You might check local dive shops for silicon grease. I understand it is essential to scuba.


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Good review, Chandelle! I have a flat-topped Guider Jumbo, obtained a year ago through FPN member Mesu, and it's a pen I keep coming back to because it's large and comfortable in my hand - much more so than my MB 149 - and I find it very easy to use in long writing sessions.


My only quibble about the pen is the way the clip is positioned on the cap: when seated in a shirt pocket, the clip captures perhaps only 1/4 inch of the pocket's material if the pen is aligned vertically, and this makes it prone to being dislodged. The solution, I've found, is to angle it in the pocket, though that means not placing anything else there (such as a cell phone or anything else).


But that's a quibble. All in all, it's a wonderful pen. Enjoy yours!

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