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Starwalkers Fountain Pen Soulmakers 100 Years Special Edition With Diamond (2006) - Real Or Fake?


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Hi I recently bought this pen from ebay. It cost 400GBP at an auction!

Initially I thought this was a bargain. Now I have doubts, whether this is real or fake.

3 things basically that concern me:

1) Feels extremely light. What is the weight of this pen?
2) The tip of the barrel is "very black" slightly different to the remaining of the barrel. reminds me some of the cheap counterfeits you see of metal starwalker pens you see on eBay. I have tried to capture that on the photos.
3) The Instructions booklet has a lot of Chinese instructions and certificate is right at the end.

Now having said that I tried to compare this pen with the few available images on the net and it is not far off the nib barrel cap and so on. It has a serial number next to clip and the words Germany metal and Pix under the clip (but nowadays many fake do so). Also when you put it in bright light you can see the red tinge of the resin. Also like my rest of the MB FP when you place a magnet next to the nib it repels it.

Can someone help me solve my dilemma. Ideally someone who knows or has this pen. What's the length of this pen with and without the cap.
Also what was the original price of this pen?

Cheers in advance.








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Some more photos


the nib has a characteristic pattenrn near the tip and says



the montblanc star emblem with 2006 in the centre

750 18K








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some more photos of the booklet.


it is 41 pages long and last page has the certificate with a faded stamp from Bonhaus (I think that's what it says) and a date written next it.


can someone verify that this is similar to their own booklet?







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Before finally deciding to keep it, I was selling mine for less than that.. for some reason the demand isn't that big on this one. I wouldn't worry about the price, I think you good a decent deal.


Looks legitimate. It is a very light pen, unless you put a converter in it.



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The pen should be light in weight because it is resin and that is a good characteristic for most people of buying resin Montblanc pens. The booklet all looks correct, they usually have multiple languages, including Chinese but that shouldn't be the only language in the book. Not sure what you're saying about the tip of the barrel. I don't see anything unless you're speaking of the rigid section in which case that looks gun metal or smoke colored, it shouldn't match the color of the pen.

I keep thinking about selling some of my pens but all that happens is I keep acquiring more!

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Everyone says is expensive but nobody has enlightened me to the actual price of the pen when it was first sold.


As I don't want to make same mistake again can I ask one of the pen gurus as to how much a Starwalker ceramic Soulmaker 100 Limited Edition will normally go for?


Is 600GBP too much or too little?


Cheers all.

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No, if you want to sell, please post an advert in the Classifieds section. Posting ads for pens you wish to sell is a strict No-no here on anyplace but in the Classified Section.

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I had a similar circumstance last year. I purchased my 100 Years pen through an online auction and immediately had concerns -- very light compared to my other Starwalker, nib not aligned, etc. -- so I took it to my local Mont Blanc store. The store representative said that it looked authentic and sent it to Mont Blanc for nib alignment. The employee also informed me that if the pen is not authentic, Mont Blanc would not service it and would simply return it.


Within a couple weeks I received my pen back from Mont Blanc with the nib aligned and a very nice letter verifying the authenticity.


It's not my best-writing pen, but I thoroughly enjoy it.



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