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What Is Your Favorite Iroshizuku Color?

Sky Fountain Pens

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Sky Fountain Pens

Hi everyone,

I am planning to buy some Iroshizuku ink for my fountain pen. Whats your favorite Iroshizuku color?


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Buy what speaks to you. My favorites may not appeal to you at all, just as others' musts don't always fit my interests. Get some samples, play, and make the choice(s) that match what you want in a writing experience.

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Hi everyone,

I am planning to buy some Iroshizuku ink for my fountain pen and I would like to know what color to buy, whats your

favorite Iroshizuku color?



While I agree with FountainPenCowgirl inasmuch a you should buy what speaks to you, I am happy to tell you of my own personal choice which is Tsukushi (Horse Tail brown)

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Fuyu-gaki. Of the blues, I know I am in the minority, but I like Ajisai the best.

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Kosumosu with Syo-ro running a close second. It all depends on the color family (or families) that most appeal to you. +1 on getting samples and, if you use multiple nib widths, try the ink with all of them. Inks that look anemic in an EF or F are often beautiful in a wider nib.


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sorry triple post, sometimes the system doesn't work quite right <sigh>

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I was kinda interested in Ina-Ho but I was told it didn't flow as well as the other colors. Althought their colors are solid and ok, I find it difficult for me to decide. It probably means their colors don't interest me enough. I can easily find interesting colors in other brands, like Diamine, Noodler's, J. Herbin, Akkerman and specially the other Japanese brands that release specialty inks limited to few stores. Right now I probably am more interested in darker blues, sepia tones, brownish/reddish or copper tones, and so on, and Iro inks feel more delicate and happy shades. When I get my first bottle it is probably going to be Yama-Budo (I might regret picking a purple) for its interesting sheen, or Tsuki-Yo (because I prefer Shin-Kai tone but it seems to be very much like Pilot Blue Black which I already ordered).

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For blue, I like tsuki yo and shin-jai, one brighter, one a little subtler. I also love to write with browns and again I have a bright and duller preference: tuskushi for the brighter (a lighter livelier brown) and then yama guri -- darker with wonderful olive tones.


Beautiful inks to write with! I love them for the great colors and the terrific flow.

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I've gotten rid of every color but Yama-budo. That is just a great purple with a lot of personality.

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