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Ranga "zeal"- Ebonite And Clear Acrylic Demonstrator- Jowo Screw In Nib & Converter


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Dear FPN'ers,

We are happy to announce our latest model of Ranga Pens called "ZEAL" . It is Ebonite & Clear Acrylic Demonstrator pen. It has German JOWO Screw in nib units and German Schmidt K5 converters. This is one of our High End Model Pens. The barrel and Cap dia are 16mm app. iT COMES IN TWO DESIGNS 1. Flat Top & Barrel End 2. Round Top and Rounded Barrel End.

The ink level in the converter is clearly visible in the barrel. The nibs available are Fine, Medium and Broad Points (Gold Coloured Medium Point, Gold Coloured Broad Point nibs,Two Tone Fine Point, Two Tone Medium Point, Two Tone Broad Point, White Polished Fine Point, White Polished Broad Point nibs). The available Ebonite colours for "ZEAL" is (1. Blue Ripple 2. Pink Ripple 3. Red Ripple 4. Yellow Ripple 5. Brown Ripple 6. Green Ripple 7. Olive Ripple 8. Solid Black 9. Parrot (Bright) Green Ripple 10. Light Brown Ripple 11.Olive with Pink Ripple

12. Green-Yellow-Black Ripple 13. Mottled Brown 14. Mottled Green 15. Mottled Olive Brown 16. Solid Orange17. Solid Blue 18 Solid Pink 19. Blue/Pink 20. Blue/Green/Orange 21. Blue/Pink/Pale Yellow)

"ZEAL" is available in Polished or Bakul Finish. Clip or Clipless version is available for this Model.




Ranga Pen Company

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I like the combination of ebonite and clear acrylic in the body and cap - interesting, and it could be beautiful.

But, for me, a pen like that is asking for a barrel full of ink - in other words, the classic "tank". I have a number of pens with clear acrylic barrels, and it works beautifully. The ink adds to the design.

In this case, I find the converter detracts from it. So this design would only work for me without the converter...

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Dear Mhguda,

Thanks for your suggestion. Actually, I forgot to mention it.

This pen can also be used as "Eyedropper".

You can just remove the converter and use the barrel as"Ink Tank".

It works for you now!!!



Ranga Pen Company

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Okay, you got me... as an ink tank, I think the design is stunning. The pictures are a little confusing... because it looks like you are getting two pens. It would be helpful if you could show a picture with each choice...


So, pick your ends - flat / bullet.


Pick your color

show the colors


Pick your nib

Show the nibs


Without seeing more samples, I'm not sure what choices to make.


Also, what is the price?

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Dear Mr.Jimmy Joe Sir,

All of our pens including "Zeal" pens are available in Extra Fine nib also.

Dea Mr. Amberleadavis Sir,

Thanks for your nice words. These are available in Broad point also.
Please PM me or mail me at mpkandan@yahoo.co.in for more details.
I will send the picture link.
These pens are priced at 78$

Ranga Pen Company

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Perhaps sir, you are not interested in selling them to someone from India???

Edited by mrmohitmishra
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Dear Mr. mrmohitmishra Sir,


Thanks for your words on our new model. I have sent the price in PM.

I just needed some time to respond in FPN. It is matter of time.

Kindly request not to take it in other way.





Ranga Pen Company

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