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My First Epic Ink Test, Six Month Mark Overview


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Howdy! I have been posting the results of my second round of ink testing as an ongoing project, but I just hit the six month mark on my first round and I figured that I would post the results as kind of an overview without the along-the-way commentary. Because, science. :-P


Here is the setup for the first test (same as for the second one), followed by the control sheet and the water test:








After one month:






Two months:



(control on left, ambient indoor on right)



(Control on left, sunlight on right)


Three months:



(Control on left, ambient indoor on right. At this point I decided that there wasn't much happening here so I retired the ambient indoor light test.)



(Control on left, sunlight on right)


Four and a half months:



(Control on left, sunlight on right)


Six months:



(Control on left, sunlight on right)


At this point I am planning to do another check towards the end of December since I will be moving and so the test might end around the 8 month mark. I am also filling a sheet or two for my third round to start in January and I would love suggestions on inks that I haven't tried yet. I'm open to non-FPs as well, so if you have other types of pens you want to see tested, let me know! :-)

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I really think I need to try R&K now. Bah, there are too many inks I want to buy all of a sudden. I blame this site (plus a local group that's also fairly ink-crazy, haha).

Thanks, OP! This is an immensely useful experiment. Hope you get to keep it up for another 6 months; I'd like to see how the sunlight samples fare after that long.





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Poor Alexander Hamilton - he's a favorite of mine, too!


If you want any samples of inks I have to include in your next run, let me know.



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As you know, I love these tests. I really enjoy watching the ballpoint inks fade. :) Great job and thank you.

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