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What Is The Meaning Of These Hallmarks? (Century Classic Ireland)

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I visited a flea market a few days ago and bought a Cross Century set for $43.

The price in my opinion was really good and the case and mechanical pencil was a bonus.

After a little inspection I found some interesting markings on both of them. Both the fountain pen and the pencil were made in Ireland. I found on the net that if the fountain pen was made in Ireland it is from around 1982. Obviously they are the gold filled versions but there is not inscription like on my USA made ballpoint "-1/20 12kt gold filled".


I checked the hallmarks used in Ireland but found nothing similar to these.

On the pencil is written "CROSS , Made in Ireland , Plaque ORL" and a little hallmark with a T inside (see photo).



The fountain pen has "CROSS , Made in Ireland" and a hallmark on the cap with a shield divided by an "X" with "A C T" (photo) also a similar hallmark is found on the nib "A C T Sté".





Even if they seem like a set (in the inside of the box there is an inscription 14kt gold filled) they are diffirent:

-Difference #1: the CROSS inscription on the fountain pen is in cursive and on the pencil is printer font


-Difference #2: they have different colour pen is more pink and pencil more yellow



My questions are:

-What is the meaning of those hallmarks on the caps?

-Were they from different sets?

-Why is there no "gold filled" text on them?

-The box is quite large, what was inside the box beside the pen and pencil?


Any information, idea is greatly appreciated!

Have a nice day!




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There is no gold filled text on them because they are not gold filled but plated (plaque is French for plated) (at least one of them, possibly the other is gold filled...)


The original name of the company is A T Cross, which explains the letters.


The T is probably a hallmark.


And your pens were "married" but no original couple. Apart from the lettering, the end piece is also different (short and large black cap)



See also the other topic a few days ago...








Freedom exists by virtue of self limitation.





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I know a bit more about them, thank you very much! So the A C T Sté stamps are the company's name.

It is weird that there is no "plated", "filled", "rolled" inscription on the pen...

And the pencil is plated then, but what is that ORL [ T ], could it mean the thickness of plating?


Also do you have any idea what could possible be inside the box in the empty area?



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Probably a booklet, a notebook or a penwrap of sorts






Freedom exists by virtue of self limitation.





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