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A Quick Word Of Praise


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I have just received a delightful Pelikan M800 Tortoise from Rolf Thiel in Germany.

I cannot praise his excellent service enough! Germany to my hot little hands in under a week plus a gift of a delicious box of chocolates, bliss.


The usual disclaimers, although I do wish he lived next door to me!


Many thanks Rolf


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Another very satisfied customer. Fast shipment and excellent communication. Don't know what it is with Europeans and sweets - he is not the only one to include them in packages. Not complaining though :thumbup: .




Stay well,


WTB: Unusual and prototype Sheaffer Connaisseurs, Grande Connaisseurs and Parker Premiers.

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Is he an eBay seller or does he have a website?

Pelikan 140 EF | Pelikan 140 OBB | Pelikan M205 0.4mm stub | Pilot Custom Heritage 912 PO | Pilot Metropolitan M | TWSBI 580 EF | Waterman 52 1/2v

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