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Lie De Thé - J. Herbin


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Lie de The is one of my all time favourite inks. My favourite colors are: brown, orange, greean and yellow. Lie de The has them all. It's one of these antique looking yellow-sepias with gold tones. Stunning. Simply stunning.

It seems it's quite popular recently - there was quite a lot of Lie de The reviews. It doesn't surprise me :) Lie de The is cool. If you haven't read S-K review , do it now. it's one of the best ink reviews I've ever seen. I hope mine won't disappoint you in comparison with tremendous work S-K put into his review.

Let's start from the bottle. Nice but not practical.




I went to forest. I took piece of paper with me and two inks: Lie de The and Fuyu - Gaki.

That's how Lie de The looks like a second after spilling it on the paper on a sunny day.


After a while and some drying time and filling the holes with Fuyu-Gaki Lie de The look this way.




Producer: J. Herbin

Color: Lie de The

Bottle: 30 ml, nice, not practical

Saturation: good

Flow: very good in all pens I've ever filled with it

Shading: beauty









COLOR RANGE (made with PS gradient tool)


Calendar - TWSBI 580 1.1



Good quality copy paper




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Great review. This is one of my favourite inks as well.

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Great review. There's a 100ml bottle of Lie de Thé...

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lovin' this color. i have one that i have yet to open. i shall do so soon as i'm a big fan of brown inks.


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Hi Visamitra


Finally an ink we have in common. You made a most excellent review of thet ink again.... I love that ink.


I just published a comparison of De Atramentis Khaki and Herbin Lie de The.

I have put in a link to my extensive review of DA Khaki.


I also praised your work of excellence here. I put a lnk in my comparison of this review....


So that other members can drectly click to your review for indepth Information


Thanks so much and keep up that excellence



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My second favorite color (tied with Moondust Purple). It's interesting reading through these reviews; I see you've set a high bar! I'll have to remember to take lots of pictures on different papers, with different pens, etc. if I ever want to post a good review here :) I don't normally like things in the brown-orange range, but this ink is a BIG exception! I guess it's that sepia factor—sometimes "brown'n'white" just feels more natural than "black'n'white" (just ask a photographer).

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This ink is so appealing. During Victorian times, brown was considered the proper color for personal (as opposed to business) correspondence. LdT conveys that intimacy and warmth beautifully.

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I just rediscovered this ink yesterday. My bottle is old and nearly empty, so I will be replacing it soon. It doesn't look like it has been reformulated since I bought it 15 years ago. Hooray! Thanks for this reassuring review.

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Lie de The is one of my very favorite inks. It is such a unique shade that really does look quite a bit like dried tea.

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Great review. Lie de The and Vert Empire were the first inks I ordered when I recently got back into fountain pens. and this quickly became my favorite color. Neither the color on the box nor the sample on the Herbin color chart really do it justice, I feel, as they miss the beautiful golden tone of the ink.

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