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Fp Friendly Notebooks At Office Depot, On Clearance


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I found a small stash of journals on sale at my local Office Depot for $1 each marked down from $4.99 that are just as FP friendly as the Walmart notebooks recently discussed here. About the length of a pen, 160 lined pages. Item #757-397 and #757-388. They had a few more but I only purchased three of those (two different ones of the first in cat prints, one of the second in owl print) because they had elastic band closures. They had others in metallic owl print, coffee mug print, and ones without elastic band closures. I figured if they weren't FP friendly I could use them as gifts, but now they're ink testing journals.


Just wanted to give a shout out about them. May or may not be clearanced out in your area, but it seemed like it was part of their end of school season clearance.

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