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Is This Worth A Punt?


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I am watching this auction on ebay, and apart from the rather interesting use of the term 'Quite good condition - few surface scratches' the 8th photo shows the whole nib unit separate from the rest of the pen. I'm kinda thinking this is not the natural position for a pen in good condition, it looks a bit crackly round the edge of the nib; Is that right?

If not, what would it take to make the pen better? I think a vac-fill would do well in my home, but I don't want a basket case. Looking at Richard Binder's site, it appears that the nib should be threaded, but maybe this is a different type?




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IMHO, if you can get it for $12.00 go for it. There is a way to fix the section, but I think it would involve a lathe and more $$ than I'd want to spend on it.

It will go for much more than that even if it's parted out. Your observation is correct. The nib has separated from the section. It also looks like the vac button end has been over-torqued also...may be just a scratch, but it looks more like an awfully suspicious crack to me.


Keep watching is my advice. There are lots of other midget pens TuckedAway!

"Not a Hooker Hooker, but rather a left-handed overwriter."

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lol - and note the usual disclaimer in the description:



I am not a pen expert.


In other words, "How was ignorant little me supposed to know that, not only was this pen not in "Quite good used condition" but actually broken and possibly a piece of c%$#?!?"


It may go for a nice cheap price, but personally, since I have neither the skills to restore the pen, nor the money to have an expert restore it, I would skip it.



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